What’s the Alternative to a “Whole Baby”…? June 20, 2009

What’s the Alternative to a “Whole Baby”…?

I get a choice at the hospital?! Who knew.

Forget the shirt below. I’m only keeping the left half of my future baby.

Whole Baby

Ok, so they’re talking about saying “No” to infant circumcisions… but without explanation, that shirt’s just going to lead to hilarious confusion.

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  • Geoff

    It doesn’t only happen in the US.
    Our woeful Scottish parliament has recently outlawed tail docking for dogs, even working dogs that would benefit, but still allows infant genital mutilation.

  • flatlander100

    I thought, on first glance, it meant they were able to pay the bill at the hospital, all of it, and so didn’t have to go back later to pay the rest and pick up the parts being held as security.

  • atomjack

    Leave the foreskins at the hospital for some gourmet to sautee with mushrooms in butter. To each his own, I say… >.< Not for me, though.

  • Vivian

    I would’ve been all for it if I could’ve left my daughters’ mouths at the hospital!

  • Hazor

    So. God made us into these fantastic creations, his most favorite even, and then tells us we need to cut one of our parts off.

    Does anyone else find this nonsensical? :/

  • Presumably because our atheist mother ate the other half for a snack? 😛

  • What a barbaric procedure. I’ve seen videos of it, and it’s practically the most disgusting thing I’ve seen.

  • TJ

    I love the double standard though. Most people are disgusted by female genital mutilation, but they most likely, at the same time, support male genital mutilation. They just call in circumcision instead.

  • ursulamajor

    When I was pregnant with our son, a couple asked about circumcision in a childbirth class. The visiting doctor asked if we had running water in our homes. We all of course said yes. He said that if we could teach our sons to wipe their butts, we could teach them to clean under their foreskins. No real (only biblical) need for the procedure.

    Even though circumcision is mentioned in the bible, think about why it might have come up. Men with often little access to clean water, roaming the desert and peeing in the sand. I’m not a guy, but can imagine that sand can be pretty irritating under the foreskin. No wonder they wanted information about the procedure to spread.

    Back to my son. Four boy babies in the hospital when he was born. He was the only one not circumsized and the only one that wasn’t screaming the whole time. Maybe a coincident. I think not.

  • ursulamajor

    Coincidence….more coffee please!

  • Ron in Houston

    Well I guess that’s great so long as she isn’t bringing the whole baby in a sandwich.

  • At first, I thought this was a sick joke. I mean, I started to get nauseated. I totally wouldn’t get the sense, without your explanation, that the shirt had something to do with circumcision.

  • Epistaxis

    Most people are disgusted by female genital mutilation, but they most likely, at the same time, support male genital mutilation. They just call in circumcision instead.

    What if we call it organ donation? Infant foreskins are used in skin grafts for burn victims.

  • skinman

    Skin grafts for burn victims doesn’t justify brutally mutilating a baby. It is a barbaric and painful procedure. It is also a money maker for hospitals. Which obviously gives them plently of incentive to continue performing the procedure.

  • jemand

    they really use that tiny bit of skin off an infant for skin donation? I doubt it. There’s a much better source of lots more skin– obese people who have either lost weight on their own or have had gastric bypass surgery.

    And I once was asked to help change the diaper of a baby who was circumcised… at that moment although I’d already decided that I could never circumcise because of the human rights issues and the effect on the boy… I’m pretty sure I could never handle it as a mother either. Of course that particular child was the fifth son of what I think is a quiverful family and his wound really hadn’t been treated like anything out of the ordinary and his harried mother I think left him in dirty diapers for far too long because of the older children… but still! It was horrible.

  • Spacew00t

    There’s no medical reason to get a circumcision unless the foreskin is too tight, but that should only come up as a problem much later and can be relieved by stretching exorcises. It does not cause a urinary track infection, if it had, then why the hell would nature give us one? The penis is meant to be a sort of internal organ, protected by the foreskin.

  • Ivan

    Actually, if you think about it, this shirt will help to bring up the conversation. I certainly don’t want my future baby boy to be mutilated!

  • When you’re dating a Jewish boy, you really don’t have much of a say….oddly enough I wrote about circumcision on my blog today, because of an argument on facebook about it.

  • Shae

    I wouldn’t have known what this meant without explanation. I kept thinking it was somehow about abortion, yuck.

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