God is Working with the UFOs June 17, 2009

God is Working with the UFOs

Here’s all you need to know about the clip: The reporter mentions the obvious cause of the smoke ring… and then proceeds to let this woman say it’s a UFO, thus making a fool of herself. The clip of the UFO investigator doesn’t help me take this newscast seriously, either.

Thank you, CNN. That’s hard-hitting news right there.

To make it worse, they offer two idiotic polls designed for the UFO-nuts:


So far, 21% of voters think it’s a UFO. 29% think it’s smoke. That’s still sad…

And currently, 59% of people have seen something strange in the sky. Unless they’re talking about an astronomical phenomenon (which you know they’re not), they’re kooks.

Let’s fix that

(Thanks to Bill for the link!)

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  • To be fair… haven’t we all seen “something strange in the sky?”

    It’s the leap to “they are volgons coming to build a hyperspace bypass” that makes them kooks. The rest of us just think “Hmm. That was odd.”

  • A sign from God, really? He’s THAT goddamn vague?

  • Justin jm

    So any ideas on what it is?

    Its my impression that looking at objects in the sky from the ground gives the observer a poor angle of perspective, thus preventing people from recognizing otherwise ordinary objects.

  • Spurs Fan

    I personally like “smoke is smokey” and the fact that she said it was a sign from God and that she didn’t know what it meant, except then it meant a lot to her family because it made them go home and pray because they were “freaking out”. Interesting theology.

  • Richard Wade

    As an amateur astronomer I’ve looked at the sky a lot and I’ve seen a few odd looking things. Some of them I didn’t know what they were, but I just left it at that. If I really wanted to guess at an explanation, I’d start with the simplest first, not the most complex and bizarre. I’ve never seen anything that convinced me I was looking at an interstellar spacecraft defying the laws of known physics piloted by super intelligent little green men traveling for thousands of years across tens of trillions of miles just so they can kidnap some alcoholic named Bubba from the Ozarks to medically examine him and then leave him naked and disoriented miles away with no evidence to back up his inconsistent story. Pulleeze.

    People forget about the U in UFO. It means Unidentified. You don’t know what it is. But mention those three letters and a highly detailed identification comes up in their heads, like the lunatic fantasy above.

    I think many people live such narrow, boring, frustrated little lives that they are irresistibly attracted to the most romantic, most exciting, most mysterious explanations first, rather than the simple “well, duh” explanations that are most likely correct.

    The truth is mundane. Find your excitement in the beauty and wonder of things just as they are. If you look carefully and patiently enough, it’s all so much more amazing than some silly fantasy.

  • Rieux

    To be fair… haven’t we all seen “something strange in the sky?”

    Seems a fair point. I’ve certainly seen several things in the (generally night) sky that I couldn’t identify. I think the stuff I’ve seen is more likely to have been atmospheric than astronomical, but “spacecraft from an extraterrestrial civilization” is not exactly the explanation I’d put my money on.

  • Jasen777

    I saw something strange in the sky. It was round and bright and it hurt my eyes when I looked at it. It lowered its position in the sky during the day like it was losing altitude, and at night I couldn’t see it at all.

  • strikefighter

    So, if she thinks it was some sign from god, then why did CNN even talk to a “UFO Investigator?” Plus, the explanation from the Park seems pretty easily verifiable. But did they do that. No. Cause smoke rings in the sky does not bring ratings or whatever. No, Godly signs using extraterrestrial ring ships do.

    Even more reason not to watch CNN. And to be depressed for our species.

  • It is clearly the underside of an interstellar teapot, carrying tea to the far reaches of the universe.

    This option is missing from the poll. OK I technically fits into “something else” but it’s not everyday that you see a flying teapot and I think it deserves special mention. Another option missing is “I don’t care, get away from me, you UFO spotting lunatics” which I also feel deserves a special place.


  • It seems the same human tendency to be attracted to (or invent) the fanciful or extraordinary is at play in all reported religious, supernatural, or extraterrestrial encounters. This human tendency can be harnessed in a positive way with scientific investigation through the application of the scientific method to the extraordinary. I think many things in nature are extraordinary. For example Benard Cells. But they can be explained naturally without invoking God, the supernatural, or extraterrestrials. They are extraordinary all to themselves without any need of external enhancements.

    Even if that ring was just smoke that somehow stayed concentrated in a tight ring, in my opinion, that is extraordinary, but can be explained by atmospheric conditions.

  • Michael Nietzsche

    Richard Wade’s statement pretty much sums it up for me, and I believe I’ve met him before on a few other blogs. Yes, SCIENCE pretty much eliminates the possibility of Inter-planetary travel with the technology we currently possess, but as usual I need to add my own two cents to the discussion. We need to change the designation UFO, Change it to UFI for all the ignorant believers in space-ships! UFI….you ask? What ever could that stand for? It stands for U Fu(foolish) Idiots! Learn some science before you jump to illogical conclusions about UN_IDENTIFIED objects you might see in the sky, and which might later cause you great embarrassment, when and if they are ever explained. Keep up the good work Mr. Wade… You are not alone….. 😉

  • gribblethemunchkin

    Seeing odd things in any sense does not necessarily make one weird. Drawing unfounded conclusions as to what those strange things are and what they are doing does.

  • Chal

    It’s a sign! Not really a sign of anything in particular, but quite definitely a sign in general.

  • Seeing something strange in the sky doesn’t make you a kook. Thinking it is Lord Xenu coming to drop aliens in volcanoes does.

  • Miko

    I’ve seen satellites and the ISS pass overhead; those typically qualify as something strange, especially if you don’t know what you’re seeing.

  • stephanie

    It’s a sign from god that she should get on the Volcano ride, duh…

    “The UFO was cylindrical in shape with a wing protruding from either side.”

  • Alan E.

    Did you know that meteorologists recently discovered a new type of cloud (as in the last month or 2)? There are a few cloud structures that resemble this smoke cloud.

    Think of this as a giant cigar smoke ring. Air is being forced through the middle which causes the larger smoke particles to run into the air particles. This slows down the smoke while the air is pushing through the middle because of Bernoulli’s principle that moving air has less pressure than slower or non-moving air. The slower smoke then creates a rotating motion and expands in a circle. Go science!

  • jemand

    I’ve seen plenty of “strange things in the sky” usually during a thunderstorm during tornado season, when clouds can be twisted up into long ropelike forms, take on green or purple tints, etc.

    That doesn’t make me crazy, just observant of weather phenomenon.

    But… that’s probably not what everyone meant when they checked that.

  • nomad

    “Seeing something strange in the sky doesn’t make you a kook.”

  • Greg B

    Once I just happened to catch out of the corner of my eye a meteor falling and splitting into two.

    It was cool.

  • Richard Wade is correct–it IS a UFO–UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECT. See that first word? UNIDENTIFIED? Is anyone able to identify it?

  • Complinitor

    I live not far from this park and I’ve seen this ring maybe 5-6 this year alone. Does that make me the new Jesus? If so – ALL U SHEEPLE BOW DOWN TO ME NOW.

    The ring is formed from a flame blast that happens as the coaster comes out the top. Every so often, the system runs a self cleaning program that runs a small amount of kerosene in with the natural gas normally used for the blast, thus causing the ring. It will rise as a ring if there is no wind at that time, which was the case the day these baggers were there. The fact that CNN considers this news means we really have nothing else to do anymore, right?

  • Now it’s an IDENTIFIED flying object. Case closed.

  • Thilina

    “God gives you signs and I just feel like that was a sign,” she said. “I’m not sure what that sign meant but it meant a great deal to my family because when we went home, we all got in line and prayed together. We were freaking out.”

    Why do people always jump to the single most ridiculous explanation.

    I think it was a sign she was incredibly stupid.

  • John Larberg

    I think many people live such narrow, boring, frustrated little lives that they are irresistibly attracted to the most romantic, most exciting, most mysterious explanations first, rather than the simple “well, duh” explanations that are most likely correct.

    I think you hit the nail on the hammer when it comes to all ideas about UFO’s, the afterlife, creation of life, etc. If you really take a cold realistic and rational look at us in the universe you come to the conclusion that we’re just an orgasm stuck to a planet that’s floating in space. A space which is seemingly endless and mostly empty. Top that off with death being the bitter end for individual life. So I don’t blame people for having romantic ideas about these things. Ideas not beliefs though.

  • Chrissy

    my friend saw a black smoke ring in tennessee this past weekend…i wonder if it was the same one. she was at bonnaroo and said it appeared right after snoop dogg left the stage. her conclusion was that it was a smoke ring blown by him backstage. that’s obviously the real reason behind this “mystery”.

  • Wendy

    I disagree. One can see “something strange” and unexplainable in the sky without being a kook. It’s when a person starts claiming that they saw an alien ship that they become a kook.

  • I like the Snoop Dogg theory….

  • It’s a sign! Not really a sign of anything in particular, but quite definitely a sign in general.

    Yeah, that made me laugh.

  • Rasmus Paulsen

    I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe.

    Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion.
    I’ve watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate.

    I’ve never seen a smoke ring and mistaken it for a sign from some god.

    Time to think.

  • Chris

    Until it is identified, it is, by definition, a UFO.

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