Want to Sit Alone on the Bus? Wear This. June 16, 2009

Want to Sit Alone on the Bus? Wear This.


Strangely enough, wearing an atheist shirt tends to accomplish the same thing…

(Thanks to Donna for the link!)

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  • GG

    ha! Very effective.

    This proved relatively true back in high school as well (when I believed)… until one day I wore a shirt with a white “painted” cross over the earth saying “white out” (referencing the sins as white as snow verse) and three people ganged up on me in math class calling me a white supremacist racist bigot. Can’t say I wore that short ever again! 😀

  • Hey, I spent a 3 hour flight stuck next to this guy. Good thing they took away my toenail clippers or I’d have used them to put myself out of my misery.

  • Gavrilo

    There’s another way to do it, although it contains a little risk of ending up in Guantanamo: take out your laptop, breathe deeply, and hit this link:

  • matt

    funny cartoon , i saw this online a week ago lol

  • stephanie

    Back when I rode my motorcycle solo a lot, I got a parking puck (thing you put down for your kickstand on uneven ground or in excessive heat) from a Christian motorcycle group that had some biblical verse on it. I used to keep it in the map case on the top of my tank bag because it deterred guys from trying to chat me up very long. They’d look over the bike, see the puck and back off before I could ask if they’d been saved. 🙂 I adored that puck, it was like a subtle form of pepper spray.

  • The irony is both types of shirt would probably attract the same people…

  • Luther

    What if is said “Lets talk about atheism” ?

    Would it guarantee a seat in the back. Or perhaps a long walk?

  • great awesome thanks for sharing it!

  • littlejohn

    I once read of a lady who made a T-shirt emblazoned with “If you don’t tell me about your personal god, I won’t tell you about my personal yeast infection.” She said it worked wonders.

    I guess as a guy I could substitute jock itch, but that just doesn’t sound quite as off-putting.

  • Strangely enough, wearing an atheist shirt tends to accomplish the same thing.

    Not always. I usually get more positive responses to atheist themed shirt than negative. And, that’s in Arkansas.

  • Funny cartoon.

    I’m wondering when they are going to make one of those “Christ’s Sake” shirts (unless there are already available somewhere)

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