This Picture Needs a Caption June 16, 2009

This Picture Needs a Caption

While in St. Louis over the weekend, I met several wonderful atheists at a Meetup.

I thought we were going out to lunch.

It turns out I was lunch.

Christopher, Christina, and Dustin decided to keep some of me in the city…


This picture needs a caption. Feel free to offer suggestions.

(Apparently, I taste like blasphemy.)

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  • Alan E.

    Years ago, one baby got away… everything is back to normal again.

  • Speaking of pictures needing captions, whatever happened with that Atheist Station contest?

  • Speaking of pictures needing captions, whatever happened with that Atheist Station contest?

    Ahh, yes. NEver did resolve that one, did we?

    What’s a new contest idea?

  • “The not-so-friendly-now-that-you-are-all chewing-him atheist”

  • Drew Smith

    How about this caption?

    “You are what you eat.”

  • flawedprefect

    Creationists: BITE ME

  • flawedprefect

    Eat my Darwin.

  • flawedprefect

    Finally: Got Alleles?

  • Andrew C.

    Take and eat; this is my body.

  • C’mon! It’s so obvious –

    Eat of my flesh and drink of my blood, for I am: ZOMBIE JESUS!

  • Hemant Mehta stoically undergoes a new form of organic tattooing enabled by injecting ink-producing genes from cephalopods into humans.

  • “Lord, this tastes un-godly!”

  • Mark

    “What are these uncultured rubes doing?! Anyone with half a brain should know that you need a remoulade sauce to enjoy me properly! Plain? Feh!”

  • Reginald Selkirk

    Not realizing the extent to which materialists are literal-minded, Hemant declared, “Eat me!”

  • Reginald Selkirk

    “Fitting of the survivalist”

  • EndUnknown

    atheists don’t just eat babies anymore.

  • I just realized how similar our eyebrows look…

  • Hemant questions the wisdom of the “hand-reared organic driver on-board” bumper sticker on his car.

  • sc0tt



    Paperback raita.

  • Infinite Monkey

    Hmm, the website seemed to have gone down for a bit.

    Anyways, here’s my comment-

    New, from Craft! “I Can’t Believe Its Not Religion!”

  • lamb

    “This can’t be kosher.”

  • “Babies taste better”

  • Welkie

    “Hemant conforms to the new USDA labeling standards.”

  • Chal

    “I Sold My Flesh on eBay” 😛

  • are you standing in front of a cheese grater?

  • Vampire Cult Initiation Rite

  • The zombies in St. Louis are surprisingly clean and in great shape.

  • Hemant discovers a new way to trim all that baby fat.

  • Amber

    Hemant, you look thugnasty.


    (Not a caption, but I had to.)

  • So where’s the wine?

  • Michael

    “Flesh – it’s no longer just for catholics and zombies”

  • Bo

    “You’re right; babies taste way better.”

  • Chocolate Atheist!

  • Stephen James

    They told me this was a vegetarian vampire convention when I agreed to speak.

  • “When they went out for Indian, they didn’t realize it would be this hot!”

    Maybe I will pick up a Skepdude calendar now. 🙂

  • “We’re having an old friend for dinner… with some fava beans and a nice chianti.”

  • «bønez_brigade»

    Amazingly, nobody has yet responded with the obligatory “Nom nom nom…”

    …’cept me.

  • Dave

    Product of Natural Selection! Due to being the next step in evolution, zombies cannot break through your super strong steel skin!

  • Chakolate

    “You can be good without god. In fact, you can be downright tasty.”

  • Mmmmmm! Fresh Mehta!

  • This tastes better than a cracker!

  • bPer

    An atheist a day keeps the creationists away.

  • Alan in CA

    I really like the “Naan-theist” one. Witty and right to the point.

  • Jay

    Speaking of obligatory:

    Can I haz atheistburger?

  • Soylent Green…this time it’s 100% natural(ly selected)


    It doesn’t need a caption…it needs to be burned!

  • Bill E. Brooks

    Primitive spaghetti worshipping cult decides that the guest is lunch.

  • «bønez_brigade»

    Correcting (and editing) Jay’s egregious garbling of Happy Cat (PBUH)…

    “I can has Hemburger?”

  • Bill Newell

    I thought we Atheists only ate babys?

  • Peter

    This looks like the cover of a posthumously released rap album.

    “Haters Still Bitin’ Me: Hemant Stay Paid” by DJ H-Bomb.

    (References: “bitin'”- stealing rhymes from, “stay paid”- posthumous J Dilla album, “H-Bomb”- every single initial + random noun rapper in existence)

  • James Koran

    Naturally selected to have Great Taste!

  • Joe No Halo

    “My left arm and my right arm, I give to you, but my noodly appendage I save for my Magdalene.”

  • AndrewR

    “When his friends suggested having Indian for lunch, this is not what Hemant had in mind.”

  • Mark

    Hmmmm…. tasts like chicken!

    someone please pass the salt.

  • Tankred

    When the atheists finally ran out of babies, they turned on the minorities first.

  • SpaghettiTeapot

    You look so like Dwayne Johnson in that picture, so obviously it has to be “Do you smell what The Rock is cooking?”

    Slightly related.. you cook food.. food is eaten. Er, yeah.

    Really though, the picture says it all, a simple *nom nom nom* would suffice.

  • Nemo

    “Try the great taste of atheism!”

  • ThatPirateGuy

    Babies Bite Back.

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