Recovering Religionists: For Those Who Have Left the Church June 12, 2009

Recovering Religionists: For Those Who Have Left the Church

I love when local atheist groups make the news.

Especially in Kansas.

Helen T. Gray of The Kansas City Star writes about a group called Recovering Religionists (RR) and what some of the members are dealing with:

Julie Price has left the Catholic Church, Christianity and God.

She has entered a new life without angels, saints, prayer, forgiveness and heaven. It’s unsettling at times.

“Religion was like a comfort blanket, and sometimes I miss that comfort,” said Price, of Prairie Village, at a recent gathering in Wyandotte County.

The first RR meeting was in March. [Founder Darrel Ray] announced it on the Internet, and 11 people showed up.

That was too many for one group. He wants to keep each group smaller so people will feel free to share personal experiences. Cole Morgan of Olathe volunteered to start a Johnson County group, which had its second meeting this week.

Kay Huddleston of Kansas City, Kan., is leading the Wyandotte County group. Groups also have started in Joplin, Topeka, Atlanta and Cincinnati, and Ray has received inquiries from people in several other cities. He’s also looking for someone to organize a local group on the Missouri side.

Ray is the author is an enjoyable book called The God Virus. It’s great to see an atheist helping others make the transition out of faith and into reason.

If you’re interesting in learning more about RR, check out their website.

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  • Melissa

    I’m not entirely surprised to see that my home town, Lawrence, does not have its own group. Too many people for a group and a lot less evangelism, so less motivation.

  • GG

    The Atheist meetup group I belong to serves much the same purpose, but I love the idea of having a place where people with this common bond can meet. Is the need for a group like this temporary, I wonder? Do people stop wanting or needing to think about “what once was”?

  • Goldstein

    What Helne Gray did not know, is the the so called recovering religionist Cole Morgan was never a believer and he is the same “Cole” who continually posts name calling rants on another Kansas City Star blog, that of Bill Tammeus.

    I have aleady sent the relevant information to Helen Gray, and she was quite suprised.

    Darrel Ray calls God a Virus…Hitler called Judaism a Bacillus.

    Propaganda is Propaganda

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