Explaining Communion and Greek Mythology to Your Daughter June 12, 2009

Explaining Communion and Greek Mythology to Your Daughter

One day, when Dale McGowan writes a full-length play about his family, I got dibs on front-row tickets on opening night.

This scene features Dale and his daughter (Delaney) discussing Communion and Greek Mythology:

DELANEY: Okay, I have a question. (pause) Where do people get these ideas? How do they… how do they think of stuff like that?

DAD: Different ways. This one they actually got from the Greeks. They used to think the spirit of the gods lived inside bulls and goats, so they’d take the animals up on top of a hill, slit their throats and drink their blood. They said they were taking the god into their bodies. So when the Christians…

DELANEY: Oh. My. God.

DAD: What?

DELANEY: That is just COMPLETELY disgusting.

DAD: But… you didn’t seem freaked out about drinking Jesus’ blood…

DELANEY: Well that’s people blood. I’m already full of people blood. I could drink a little more.

(via Humanist Network News)

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  • Matt

    Is she a vampire?

  • Josh BA

    I am actually way more disgusted by the idea of eating and drinking Jesus than eating and drinking a bull (assuming I thought it was actually Jesus I was eating). It seems like a really good way to contract horrible human born diseases. At lest with the bull you have the small bit of added protection of bad things needing to cross the species barrier (and relatively dissimilar ones at that, as opposed to a chimp or something).

  • medussa

    Personally, I think Delaney’s logic is infallible.
    I still have no intention of drinking any of it, but she is absolutely right, I AM full of human blood.

  • Cannibalism (especially eating brains) can lead to prion related diseases like Kuru. Its fortunate that the Christian cannibalistic rituals (communion) don’t involve actual human flesh and blood (contrary to what some may believe)… just crackers, bread, wine, or juice depending on the faith-tradition.

    Perhaps Christianity would have had some rather different traditions if the disciples had access to the corpse after the crucifixion…

  • I prefer my god blood to be of the pinot noir variety.

  • Reginald Selkirk

    Personally, I think Delaney’s logic is infallible.

    I disagree. Your own blood is confined to your bloodstream. Ingested blood goes into the GI tract. From an epidemiological perspective, blood contact with members of your own species is way more dangerous.

  • Drinking the blood of other animals ? Ewww? Vampirism? Yummy!

    Yet another example of how people will gladly dismiss the beliefs of others as ludicrous while excusing their own ridiculous beliefs.

  • Mathew Wilder

    Victor FTW!

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