The Strawberry is an Atheist! June 10, 2009

The Strawberry is an Atheist!

I always knew strawberries were atheists… anything that can have eight sets of chromosomes must be godless.

Reader Walker noticed this while eating his breakfast:


That thing is going to sell on eBay for millions.

(Thanks to Walker for the image!)

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  • bill

    funny i thought i saw something similar in a tree the other day…

  • Alekx

    Hahahahah! Geek! It is shaped quite nicely though.

  • Does this mean we godless heathens can have our own Strawberry Festivals? Awesome…

  • SarahH

    What does it mean then, that strawberries and bananas go so well together in smoothies and yogurt and ice cream? Our worst nightmare AND our fruity comrades make such a delicious combination!

  • Lexi

    I thought I saw the Virgin Mary in that Strawberry . . . what does it all mean?

  • peregrine

    I saw the flying spaghetti monster in a restaurant once. He appeared to me in a plate of spaghetti. My Christian friends didn’t believe me.

  • mattincinci

    does that mean its the devils fruit? (grin)

  • Mmmm, octoploid deliciousnesss

  • That thing is going to sell on eBay for millions.

    If only strawberries weren’t so tasty! I have a feeling it’ll devalue after I’m… “done” with it 🙂

  • Mark

    All we need is some sinful chocolate to dip it in!

  • Guffey

    No sorry, I’m sure I see the lord himself right in the heart of that strawberry: he’s got white hair and a white beard, wearing huge flowing robes (with shoulder pads… but hey, as you get older those shoulders do tend to fall)… and has got a bent antenna or flower sticking out of his head. He’s even got a glow around him.

    So, you could market it to both sides – same pic, different ad copy.

  • I see Darth Vader in that strawberry.

  • Ramon Caballero

    Just like Guffey and Lexi I also see the virgin Mary (looking at the halo as her cape)…I also see the bearded guy (looking north-east)…it is not an antenna in his head, it is a crown…and last I can also see a younger guy looking south-west (the picture) and the crown becomes his HORNS!!, I hate my mind finding people patterns everywhere.

  • beckster

    I am not creative. All I see is a strawberry 🙁

  • TXatheist

    This is why you don’t smoke pot cause you hallucinate while you munch out.

  • Call the media…it’s as impressive as any tortilla or grilled cheese sandwich

  • teammarty

    Strawberries mean love!

  • Brian

    Honestly, I see the Virgin of Guadalupe. Send the strawberry to Mexico now you non-believer

  • Yeah I see the virgin too. I must have virgins on my brain right now.

  • zoo

    If I recall, strawberries treated with colchicine can have many more sets than eight.

    As for what I see in it, it’s a cross section of a heart, or the cross section of a tooth. (So I’ve spent too much time in biology classes/labs/books.) Or a candle flame.

  • Mmmm… blasphemous.

  • Aerik

    Consistent with Wonka’s wacky ways, schnozberries are scientologists.

  • I see Darth Vader too! *Whew* Glad it’s not just me.

  • Jesse

    If it makes millions, I can make a few of those. 😀

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