Meet Me in St. Louis? June 9, 2009

Meet Me in St. Louis?

I’m going to be visiting St. Louis this weekend! While I’m going to be occupied Saturday night and all day Sunday, I will have a bit of free time… so I’ll throw this out there:

  • Would anybody be up for meeting Saturday afternoon?
  • Can anyone suggest a good place to meet/eat?

You can leave a comment or contact me directly. If more than one of you are interested, I’ll post the gathering information on the site 🙂

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  • LawnBoy

    I’d love to meet up with you. I think the best place to meet might be in my backyard, helping me replace my deck.

    If you’re not so much into that, there are still lots of good places, but I probably wouldn’t be able to join.

    Forest Park is one of the nation’s largest urban parks, with a free zoo, free art museum, and a free history museum. There’s also lots of green space for good weather.

    The Loop, which is just to the northeast of Forest Park, is St. Louis’s best funky neighborhood, with restaurants and coffeehouses.

    The South Grand neighborhood has lots of Asian restaurants of various strips (at least, lots for St. Louis).

  • faraci’s pizza in ellisville is the best pizza in the world!

    try it if you have a chance to make it out that far west.

    emphasis on far, LOL.

  • Bill

    If you’ll be travelling by train, Union Station is about a five- or ten-minute walk from the current Amtrak/Greyhound station. There are several places there to eat.

  • Gabemik

    You’re heading to my hometown, and I’m heading to Birmingham. Rats.
    Does anyone have any tips on places that would been teen friendly?

  • I’ve visited many cities, and the St. Louis City Museum is unique. It’s 10 minutes from my house by bicycle. Or 10 from the Arch on a different vector.

  • Hemant, if you’re ever in the UK, Cambridge U Atheist and Agnostic Society would be very interested in hearing you speak about secular student organisations or something. I’d invite you more definitely but we are very poor and couldn’t afford the air-fare. We would buy you dinner, though…

  • I suppose I should mention that we’ve got the St. Louis Atheist Meetup here in St. Louis.


    You can also meet your favorite baby-eating atheists!

  • Jake Meador

    If you like beer at all, Schlafly’s is an excellent brewery worth checking out. The IPA is one of my all time favorite beers. Even if you don’t make it to Schlafly’s, stop at a grocery store and buy a six pack, you won’t regret it.

  • Karl Withakay

    Where abouts in St. Louis are you going to be? The greater St. Louis metropolitan area is a relatively large area (unless you compare it to the SF Bay area), big enough to encompass two different cities names O’Fallon in two different states.

  • Mike Hearod

    Don’t forget about Pi, President Obama’s choice for best pizza in the USA during his campaign run. It’s located in University City (a short cruise from the Church of Scientology building).

  • I can second the Schlaffly recommendation, and you’ll see a few vegetarian items on their menu if you look hard enough.

  • Karl Withakay

    With all due respect to the president, if you want pizza in St. Louis, you’ve got to go STL style and get something like Imo’s; it’s the square beyond compare

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