God Has Nothing To Do With It June 9, 2009

God Has Nothing To Do With It

When something good happens, it’s easy to attribute it to a god. When something bad happens — or nothing happens at all — god is quickly let off the hook.

This cartoon illustrates it perfectly:


(via Atheist Cartoons)

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  • Fickle, fickle g0d.

  • Luther

    But isn’t it supposed to be that good is defined by God in the bible. So if God does not do it, it must not be good. No true believer would presume to determine what is good or bad — unless they really don’t believe?

  • littlejohn

    It’s especially baffling when, say, an airplane with 200 aboard crashes. If everyone except one child perishes, the religious will always gush over god’s mercy toward the sole survivor. Apparently god didn’t have time to worry about the 199 who died horribly.

  • TwistofFate

    Luther, that’s called circular reasoning, a logical fallacy – but maybe you were already making that point…

  • peregrine

    A few years back, around ’96 or so, I had to have an operation. About a week before, the hospital called with a standard pre-opp questionnaire, and one of the questions was “religion” I’d been an atheist or agnostic, depending on my mood, for about 3 years at this point, but my parents were in the room, so what was I to do? I figured it was just a formality, in case there were complications, and they had to make “arrangements” or something.

    The day of the operation, my dad and I were waiting in pre-opp when a nun came in. She looked around the room, and then came right over to me; the only Catholic who happened to be in that day, I guess. She acknowledged that it was just a minor operation, but said she’d pray for me anyway. It probably mattered more to my dad than it did to me.

    I pulled through the operation without any unexpected hitch. The anesthesiologist and I exchanged jokes about coffee before he put me under, so I credit caffeine for allowing the doctors to stay alert and do their jobs. I figure Tim Horton’s had at least as much to do with the success of the operation as the nun’s prayers did.

  • Brooks

    The argument I’ve heard from Christians is that God doesn’t heal amputees because every person that prays for amputees to be healed always has some amount of doubt in their hearts, and God doesn’t answer prayers if you doubt even in the slightest. So, apparently, every amputee that prays to be healed is a doubter. And this is supposed to be a loving god?

  • Alexis

    If you have as much faith as a grain of mustard seed…hmmm…let’s get out the faith-o-meter and see just how much faith that is. Geeze I can’t even get a reading on this mustard seed. So apparently the amount of faith doesn’t mattter.

  • bubba

    What God?

  • bubba

    What God?

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