Article About This Site in India Abroad Magazine June 9, 2009

Article About This Site in India Abroad Magazine

There was an article in a magazine called India Abroad about myself and the blog. You can read it here (PDF).

This is my favorite bit:

“We have thousands of gods,” [Mehta] points out, arguing that such a plethora created its own dichotomies. This, in turn, results in the fact that over the centuries, religions have come and gone, with few showing the ability to last. Now people are “gung-ho about Christianity, the mythology of our time,” he points out, as part of his suggestion that what is fashionable today could be extinct tomorrow.

Through his site, Mehta hopes to reach out to people who have no need for a supreme being and wonder if they are alone in having this idea. “When I became an atheist, I didn’t know other atheists. Part of the reason people don’t know other atheists is that [atheists] are afraid to come out,” he says, adding that his site suggests that it is okay not to believe.

By the doubtful, he does not mean his friends who claim to be beyond religion and still ask him for his sun sign. And he stresses the point when discussing an advertisement he put up on a matrimonial web site.

He was completely honest, and put down his religion as ‘none’ and also reported that he worked with non-religious groups. There was no response. So he put up another profile, changed the religion to ‘Jain’, and avoided mention of his work with non-religious groups. Within 24 hours, the mails were flowing in.

You can read about that little experiment here.

It’s a nice article, though like all articles, there are a couple mistaken details. The most egregious one I saw was that the article mentions the site gets 20,000 unique visitors a month. That number is actually significantly higher… anyway, the piece came out well, and I’ve gotten several positive emails from the Indian community. So yay for that!

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  • Ron in Houston

    Hey whenever you want to impress the chicks tell them you’re an internationally known author. Sounds highly impressive to me.

  • Leho

    So how many unique visitors do you actually get each month?

  • So how many unique visitors do you actually get each month?

    Last month, it was over 150,000.

  • CatBallou

    Would you marry an Indian woman only?

  • Would you marry an Indian woman only?

    Nope. The matrimonial site thing was just an experiment 🙂 I’m game for all females. Because that’s how I roll.

  • sc0tt

    You know if your page was predominantly viewed by parents of Indian spinsters looking to arrange a marriage, your study’s results probably don’t say much about the women themselves.

  • And how many of those 150,000 unique visitors per month are attractive, single, godless women? And more importantly, why don’t traffic scripts track that statistic???

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