Missing Baby Found… Where?! June 7, 2009

Missing Baby Found… Where?!

I grew very excited when I saw the headline.

I gather you can imagine my frustration afterwards… how dare they mislead me that way?!

(Thanks to Nick for the link!)

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  • Eliza

    I can see why you were so disappointed!

  • Mmmmm. BLT anyone?

  • Hungry now.

  • bigjohn756

    Yumm, babies! Oooh, BLT(baby; limbs and torso, right?), even better!

  • Dammit! I thought Subway had a new sandwich out for us hungry heathens.

  • Matt

    $5 foot longs at Subway – eat fresh!

  • Nom Nom Nom

    Ooooooh, I love babies. Lotsa white meat on ’em!

  • gwen

    Johnathan Swift would be VERY disappointed!!

  • Cypress Green

    You can make a lot of sandwiches out of one, good plump babby.

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