Secular Coalition Hires Sean Faircloth as New Leader June 4, 2009

Secular Coalition Hires Sean Faircloth as New Leader

This post is by Jesse Galef, who works for the Secular Coalition for America.  He also blogs at Rant & Reason

The nontheistic movement is being shaken up a bit.  As Hemant wrote, it looks like Paul Kurtz is no longer going to be leading CFI.

The very next day, the Secular Coalition will be gaining a new leader, as we’re announcing the hiring of Sean Faircloth as our new executive director.

Who is this man who will be representing the coalition?  He spent more than a decade as an elected official in the Maine Legislature, including serving as the Majority Whip for a term.  Before being elected to the Maine House, he founded and managed a children’s museum.

He sent out his first letter, which contains two points I found to be particularly interesting:

I learned of the Secular Coalition from a front-page New York Times article quoting coalition president Herb Silverman. I always thought an organization like this should exist. As soon as I learned it did, I jumped at the opportunity to help.

Our founding fathers specifically intended for America’s government to be secular. The efforts of those who try to blur the separation of church and state have always been, and will always be, wrong. I feel passionately about these principles and this cause, and I am proud to be working for all of you.

I think it’s great that we’re increasing the visibility of nontheistic organizations.  There are bound to be more people like Sean Faircloth out there — talented and influential people eager to help our cause but not sure exactly how — or even that there’s a movement to join!

I also liked his message that the founding fathers intended America to have a secular government.  It’s a nice point to keep in mind: we’re not trying to make the nation something new; we’re trying to restore it to the way it was originally intended.  We’re not an outside group hijacking the nation; we belong and have always belonged.

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  • Karen

    Hey, I went to high school with this guy!

    Wow … who would’ve thunk it. 🙂

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