Productive Things Happen in Church June 4, 2009

Productive Things Happen in Church

This kid has a great mind:

13-year-old named David Baker has received a patent for his Light Beam Delivery System, a pico projector that fits in a pen casing, and works by combining three RGB lasers with an optics assembly that creates a light ray that is then shined through a rotating disk to the screen. “When the light goes through the lenses,” he explains, “they take each light pixel and shine it onto a screen or wall. The lenses run back and forth until it fills the screen. This process repeats 30 times per second to make it appear as though you’re looking at a solid image and not a series of pixels, and you have the image projected.”

Even better than the invention is where he got the inspiration for it:

“I was sitting in church thinking about how to make projectors easier to handle and I just thought of it,” said the young inventor, who was a fourth-grader at the time.

See? You can do worthwhile things while sitting in church!

(Thanks to Michael for the link!)

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  • Edit: You can do worthwhile things while sitting in church if you’re daydreaming and not actually paying attention to the religious nonsense going on around you =P

  • Richard Wade

    Galileo, bored with the sermon in the cathedral, used his pulse to time the gentle swaying of the lamps that were hanging on long chains. From that he developed his properties about pendulums.

  • medussa

    So this proves that religion promotes scientific inquiry, right?

  • ZombieGirl

    Yeah, I became an atheist in church.

    I think that is pretty worthwhile. 🙂

  • mspeir

    Smart-alecky kid!

  • Cypress Green

    He was inspired by GOD!!! LOL

  • Henry VIII used to conduct his court business during mass. If you’ve got a large space with few interruptions you can get a lot of stuff done. Like a library but with lots of copies of the same book.

  • Luther

    Most things that happen in church are harmless. Especially if you keep your mind open and don’t listen. But some really bad things make it a risky proposition.

    – See Dr. Tiller
    – See Catholic, Pedophile
    – See Televangelist, contributions

  • JSug

    Such projection systems already exist, using lasers to project a rasterized image. But they’re ridiculously big and expensive. Maybe someday you will be able to fit one in a pen-sized projector, but it will be a while.

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