Surprise Wedding Reception June 3, 2009

Surprise Wedding Reception

Who needs a religious wedding day when you can have a wonderful impromptu reception (with no mention of a god, I might add)?

This is sweet 🙂

True story: I went to an American wedding a couple years ago… a break from the usual, traditional Indian ones I’m used to.

The groom tossed the bride’s garter. When he did, all the other men must have backed away because I caught it without a fight. (I was excited! I caught something!)

Apparently, that meant I was supposed to slip it on the leg of the woman who caught the bouquet. $#&%

I did not know this.

So, while everyone was cracking up, I managed to get the garter about an inch past her ankle… at which point she sternly whispered, “STOP.”

Holy crap. That scared the bejesus out of me. I’m never catching that thing again.

(via Improv Everywhere)

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  • beckster

    Marriage on the brain today?

  • And?

    And then what happened? Did she let you get further later?

  • sc0tt

    at which point she sternly whispered, “STOP.”

    She probably hadn’t shaved above her ankle.

  • Jonsi

    She’s entitled to her boundaries, but she still sounds like a prude.

  • @scOtt: Exaclty what I thought lol.

  • Polly

    I’ve never heard of that tradition before: garter-catcher putting the garter on the bouquet-catcher. They always just went their seperate ways.

  • Robyn

    *snicker* The story at the end of this post cracked me up.

  • Reginald Selkirk

    The tradition I’m familiar with is that the one who catches the bouquet will be the next one to get married (similar to the woman who catched the bride’s bouquet).

  • David D.G.

    Polly wrote:

    I’ve never heard of that tradition before: garter-catcher putting the garter on the bouquet-catcher. They always just went their seperate ways.

    Same here. I caught the garter at a wedding once (more or less by accident — I just raised my hand up and the garter happened to slip right past all the other guys’ hands and fall right into mine), and there was absolutely no suggestion of my putting it on the bouquet-catcher. What would be the point of that, anyway? That means she would get to keep both souvenirs!

    ~David D.G.

  • littlejohn

    I think you were snookered. I’ve never heard of this “tradition,” and I’ve been to several weddings where the garter was tossed. Did someone also suggest you should soak your head in the punch bowl? It could have been worse.

  • Really? Around here that’s the tradition I’ve always known, the garter catcher has to put it on the bouquet catcher. At my cousin’s reception a few months ago we conspired to set it up so his grandfather caught the garter and his fiancée caught the bouquet. They just got married April 1st (yes the date was on purpose) at the ages of 76 and 72, and they are the sweetest happiest couple.

    Because of several factors, including both being in the military stationed halfway across the country from their families and an impending baby, my brother and his wife got married in Vegas a few weeks ago. No one from either family was able to be there so we’re going to throw a big reception/baby shower for them when they’re next on leave. Should be fun.

  • Eric

    I’ve been to a lot of wedding receptions (I worked at a banquet center through high school and part of college), and only a few have actually had it where the man who caught the garter put it on the woman who caught the bouquet. Like, maybe 5 out of the 200-something receptions I was at, and that’s probably being generous.

    My favorite garter story is from my cousin’s wedding… he practically climbed fully under her wedding dress to get the garter, and came out once with sunglasses, a second time with a clown nose, and a third time with a large, black, curly wig. (The bride had black hair…)

  • This video made me mist up a little. My husband and I planned our wedding in a week. I kinda dig that whole spirit. How fun.

  • Siamang


    This video,

    That pz blogged about here

    is back online.

  • Siamang

    It belongs to this Christian online workshop:

    Which is getting some interesting visitors and commenters in the last few days.

    Their other videos (similarly violent, with a thin patina of ‘humor’) also have interesting comment threads.

    Like this one.

  • I’ve been to a number of weddings where the garter-catcher put the garter on the bouquet catcher. They also made a show of it with putting the garter “way-up” to get a reaction out of everybody. I guess it helps when everybody knows each other pretty well.

  • zoo

    Huh. I’ll grant I haven’t been to too many weddings (I refuse to go to any I don’t have to [e.g. my sister’s was a have to :P] any more) but I’ve never heard of that tradition. Then again they were all S. Baptist weddings.

  • I’ve noticed that there is a strong correlation of hearing polka music at a wedding and that carter-placing tradition occurring. It must be a central European thing.

    Never turn down an invitation for a Polish wedding.

  • Eliza

    Do the wedding guests make suggestive jokes about kielbasa at Polish weddings??

    Anyway, about the video – it’s sweet/funny/neat. Besides the nice surprise for the couple, and the cake & gifts & warm fuzzy treatment, other nice features included the racial mix among the “guests”, and the passers-by who stopped to boogie to the music.

    However, it also kinda weirded me out. The wedding party were all actors, playing roles, albeit improv, down to the bride’s “dad”. Just goes to show how predictable the roles & behaviors at a wedding reception are, I guess.

    And wasn’t “Charlie” lying, by saying he was from the mayor’s office?

    Imagine their having done this for a same-sex couple – that would have allowed for the actors to reach a bit more, to figure out in what ways to act the same, & in which ways to act differently, than at a traditional heterosexual marriage. (Would there be “maids of honor” and “best men”? A bouquet and a garter?? A first dance with dad, & if so whose dad?)

  • Beth B.

    At my cousin’s wedding, which was a small affair with perhaps 3 unwed yet eligible girls in attendance, my grandmother had to herd all of us into line in order to catch the bouquet. Then when my cousin tossed it, our collective enthusiasm allowed it to hit the ground without anyone reaching for it. It probably bounced a few times for good measure.

    Then began the time in which all of us stood and stared at it, no one making a move toward the dreaded Flowers of Impending Matrimonial Bondage. To save us all from awkwardness, I eventually ran and picked it up off the lawn.

    If we’d done the garter thing, I think they’d still be sitting there on the grass.

  • AxeGrrl

    sc0tt wrote:

    She probably hadn’t shaved above her ankle.


    as someone who’s had ‘bangs’ on my shins on rare occasion, I’d say that’s definitely the reason you were ‘thigh-blocked’ 🙂

  • TXatheist

    Funny, my junior prom I went to pick up my date and her mom had the camera and I went to remove the garter and I said “I’m a little nervous as I haven’t done this before” sliding my hand up her daughter’s leg to which her Mom quipped ” I hope not”. I turned red.

  • Todd

    Improv Everywhere is great! They seem to be just so full of happiness. I got turned onto it by a VERY happy blogger at this site. It’s a great place to get inspired to have fun with life.

  • jasmine

    i could be wrong but i am fairly sure that the father the bride was dancing with was her actual father, the woman who catches the flowers looks real too. if you go back to the bit of the video where they are coming out of the building you can see that there is a whole group of them not just the couple.

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