The Church-State Walls Breaks Down June 1, 2009

The Church-State Walls Breaks Down

Joel Pett of the Lexington Herald-Leader explains the breakdown of the wall of separation between church and state:


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  • Richard Wade

    If the wall ever finally does collapse and a state religion is established, it is the religious people who will regret it the most. When has the government ever handled anything really important to your complete satisfaction? They’re usually very good at making convoluted messes. Out of the 33,820 Christian denominations, which one will be the one everybody has to conform to? Or will it be a Frankenstein’s monster of parts of sects stitched together?

    Religionists should be just as eager to strengthen the wall of separation as atheists.

  • England has no separation of church and state. As a consequence religion is viewed as dull and irrelevant, another boring civil service that we have to endure. Tear down the wall and in a dozen generations no-one will care about religion.

    Why Christians who want a state religion can’t see that is beyond me.

  • matt

    33,820? a religion divided is not a religion at all

  • Monkfishy

    hoverFrog: I ran across this article yesterday that helped me understand the difference between religion in the U.S. and Britain: History Today – America’s Difficulty with Darwin. I hadn’t realized there was that much of a difference before.

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