Sex with Ducks May 31, 2009

Sex with Ducks

Pat Robertson said on The 700 Club that if hate crimes legislation was passed, then weird people who like to have sex with ducks (or little boys) could be protected under that law.

A couple women took that to heart and created this wonderful video:

You know, if this happened every time the Religious Right said something idiotic, I probably wouldn’t mind so much…

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  • Gabemik

    I’d just like to say to the women who made the video, “I’ll be your Quacker”!

  • dfledermaus

    Sex with ducks? Send me the bill!

  • Where do you find this stuff? lol.

  • mspeir

    Hope they have a day job.

  • Beth B.

    At least the frightening specter of sex with ducks is different from the usual threat that gay marriage will lead to people marrying their dogs.

  • Richard Wade

    Future bus ads:

    “There probably is no god. Now relax and go have sex with a duck.”

    “Don’t believe in God? At least you’ve got your duck.”

    “You can be good without God. Your duck says you’re reeeeeeally good.”

  • littlejohn

    Off topic, but a Kansas abortion doctor was just murdered at his church in Wichita. Check out Huffington Post.

  • I recognize the brunette from Scrubs.

  • anonymouse


  • bigjohn756


  • Ethan

    It’s the Gooch from Scrubs! I like their songs.

  • AMT

    I love Garfunkel and Oates! They are so funny. Check out Pregnant Women Are Smug on YouTube, it’s tops.

  • I’d love to meet these women. They sing well, are creative, and have a wonderful sense of humor!

  • SarahH

    That was awesome!

  • What Would Professor Pat Pending Do?

    If you had to catalog the responses to idiotic statements from the religious right, this webpage would have to auto-refresh every second.

  • Why just limit it to sex with ducks? I have seen many a cute squirrel in my lifetime. Perhaps we should legalize squirrel-human rendezvous. Where’s that bushy tail when you need it?

  • Eliza

    This duck is a bestseller at Babeland – maybe Pat Robertson had one; you know, the old claim of “it’s an abomination!” when it’s actually one of a preacher’s own vices?

  • Vincent

    Yes it’s Gooch from Scrubs. Kate Micucci.
    I’ve got a major major crush on her. She’s great on Scrubs, and here, hilarious and in a bikini!

    Check her out on myspace


  • skinman

    Never, ever lie to the Gooch.

  • False Prophet

    Garfunkel & Oates! I just discovered them last week–they’re fantastic! I also love “Self-Esteem”.

  • stogoe

    The Present Face vid on their site has a bunch of actors in it. Most of them are the type where you go “Hey, it’s that guy! You know, he was in that thing. What is his name again?”

  • mike

    You’ve got to put down the duckie

  • Joy Isobel

    Those two are awesome! I’ve been watching their videos for a while. I think it’s good that they’re putting their talents to good use.

  • Well put together video.

    Pat Robertson supports the oddest things.

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