International Humanist Group Receives Major Gift May 30, 2009

International Humanist Group Receives Major Gift

Most people plan in advance what will happen to their life-savings after they die — pass it on to the family, spend it before they die, donate it, etc.

If they take the latter option, the group receiving is is usually the deceased’s favorite charity or a church. You rarely read about anyone giving all their money to an atheistic organization.

That has happened now. The International Humanist and Ethical Union (IHEU) has received a gift of $2,500,000, courtesy of the late Victor Kay, a Humanist from California.

The bequest, to be known as the “Victor Kay Humanitarian Fund”, is a trust fund to be treated as the IHEU’s other endowment funds. Income from the Fund will be available to support IHEU in all of its mission and general operations, starting in 2010.

“Ultimately, endowments are more enduring than even bricks and mortar,” said [IHEU president Sonja] Eggerickx. “This is an exciting gift for the IHEU, which touches the lives of all of our members. Gifts from Mr. Kay and other generous donors help us to pilot programmes, provide more activities and take advantage of important opportunities that otherwise couldn’t be realized. We hope others will be inspired to contribute to the IHEU’s continuing efforts to build a more humane and rational world.”

I’m thrilled. I just hope IHEU can do some real good with this money. Anything that helps combat superstitious beliefs around the world and brings about a more rational society would be wonderful — a lasting legacy for Mr. Kay.

(Thanks to August for the link!)

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  • medussa

    Makes me wish I had $2.5 mil to donate…..

  • atomjack

    I like this. I’m trying to figure out which secular organization to move my charitable contribution to, from the current one (well the major one) which has a religious affiliation. I’d like to donate to one that actually uses the funds in some greater percentage for the good as opposed to paychecks for the administrators. I looked into KIVA, but that’s a little more labor intensive than I’d prefer, actually.

  • The Unbrainwashed

    This is really off topic, but what happened to the message board? Does it still exist?

    Why do I ask? Because I was researching another field during the Rev Wright fiasco last year and I’m trying to find out what the atheist community was saying about it. It seems as though the community was largely silent on the matter, though that was ascertained from only a few Google searches.

  • This is really off topic, but what happened to the message board? Does it still exist?

    Yep! It’s right here.

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