Rational Thinking and Facts!? Oh No! May 28, 2009

Rational Thinking and Facts!? Oh No!

The Onion mockup addresses a real situation: When people talk about their faith, the downsides include hearing a lot of bad logic, listening to superstitious nonsense, and having fundamentalists say they want an even more Christian society:


At least The Onion gives space to people who share a fundamentalist mindset:

Goddamn it, nothing’s working! It’s trapped us in our own unsubstantiated claims! We need to switch fundamentally unsound tactics. Hurry, throw up the straw man! Look, I think it’s going for it. C’mon…c’mon…yes, it’s going for it! Now hit it with the thing that one guy told us once while it’s distracted by our ludicrous rationalizations!

Gah! It’s calmly and evenhandedly deflecting everything we’re throwing at it. Our deductive fallacies are only making it stronger! Wait…what on earth is it doing now? Oh, no, it has sources! My God, it’s defending itself with ironclad sources! Someone stop the citing! Please, please stop the citing!

Must be a page from the Creationist Handbook.

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