New Job at SCA May 26, 2009

This post is by Jesse Galef, who works for the American Humanist Association.  He also blogs at Rant & Reason

This is the last time I’ll be using that introduction.  Today is my last day working for the American Humanist Association.

Starting Monday, I’ll be the Communications Associate for the Secular Coalition for America.  I’ll get to do press releases, public relations, speaking engagements, and media appearances.  I even get to keep blogging.  I can’t think of anything else I would ask for in a job (well, besides waffles every day).

What does this all mean for you?

Well, for a start, it means that you can invite me to speak at an event you’re organizing!

But it also means that you have the ear of the SCA.  I read your comments and love hearing from you.  This is a great way for our organization to stay connected with members of the secular community.

Many of you will recognize the name Pete Stark, the only congressman willing to publicly declare that he doesn’t believe in a god.  That news was the result of an SCA effort to track down the highest-ranking nontheistic elected official.

If you ever have an idea for an interesting project we can work on, let me know!

We’re gaining attention – all of us atheists, agnostics, humanists, and freethinkers.  Comments can be an open thread about what you think we should be doing now that the nation is starting to notice us.

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  • dfledermaus

    Congratulations on the new job, Jesse.

    As for a suggestion of something to do, how about publicising and organizing events for Indivisible Day this July 4th? The day was first established by a proclamation of Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura in 2002. It advances the concept of church/state separation in general. The “indivisible” in the name is taken from the Pledge of Allegiance and is a reference to re-secularizing the Pledge.

  • tamarind

    Jesse, how did you get the job? I’m just out of college and would love to have a job like that, but there’s not exactly an established career path for atheist spokespersons or writers. Or is there?

  • Spurs Fan

    Congrats Jesse. Anything on the horizon for adding a secular humanist to certain religious councils, government or otherwise in order to get some representation?

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