Jelly Babies May 25, 2009

Jelly Babies

If only I had known babies now come in jelly/gummi form…


Ironically, as a vegetarian, I would probably choose not to eat these. Because of the gelatin. The baby-ness is perfectly ok.

(Thanks to Mikel for the link!)

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  • Reginald Selkirk

    But real babies also contain gelatin.

  • Reginald Selkirk

    I think you’ll like this video: Hot, smart atheist chick respects Jainism

  • Abbie

    I thought it was vegans who didn’t eat gelatin.

    Film contains gelatin… movies are murder!

  • Any Doctor Who fan knows all about Jelly Babies. And so thus, Hemant loses some geek cred.

  • ron

    65.8 geek credits deducted. Ignorance of the longest running sci-fi series of all time?

  • piratebrido

    Anyone from the UK will be looking on oddly. Jelly Babies have been around for a long time and we don’t think twice about them. Are they new in the US?

  • Tony

    Cruel children bite their heads off first. Psychopathic children eat them feet first.

  • Vic

    They were always mentioned in Dr Who and because of that I would always look for them in America, but I could never find them anywhere. I had assumed they were a fictional candy created for the show. It’s good to know they actually exist.

  • Ali

    Cannibalistic infanticide is common throughout the UK, however it is frowned upon if the baby isn’t eaten in jellied form.

    These sweets are such a normal thing in the UK that it’s very odd to see that an outsider thinks that the idea of eating jelly babies is an odd one. When I think about it, they are quite a gruesome confectionary item.

    This makes me wonder what else is thought of as normal in the UK that would seem strange and repulsive to a foreigner.

  • Max

    Are they new in the US? No wonder I couldent find them anywhere. I must admit that I was confused by the post at first.

    About Doctor Who: (bragging slightly) I Met David Tennant in M&S near my house. It was really cool.

  • Brian Westley

    Jelly Babies aren’t widely available in the US, their ecological niche is occupied by Gummi Bears.

  • Tony

    This makes me wonder what else is thought of as normal in the UK that would seem strange and repulsive to a foreigner.

    Manchester United?

  • Awesomesauce

    As part American, I can say that I used to be able to buy these in the Blarney store chain in the states. Though, I’m not sure if that chain still exists.

    … But yeah, Jelly babies are somewhat like Swedish fish, only better tasting and not as chewy. They’ve been around for at least 20 years.

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