Atheist Film Festival to Be Held in San Francisco May 20, 2009

Atheist Film Festival to Be Held in San Francisco

***Update***: Dave Fitzgerald, the co-founder of this festival, posted an important comment regarding the date of this festival. Check it out.

I’m excited and happy.

Excited because there’s an Atheist Film Festival taking place in San Francisco next month!


They’re not all original movies; just movies that atheists would enjoy.

I’m also happy that it looks to be well-organized and no one decided to alter the logo and change it to the following:


Information on which movies will be played can be found here.

I know exactly where they can advertise this event, too…

(via Lucky Atheist)

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  • Alan E.

    Woo I can’t wait! Many of the Meetup groups around here are planning on going. It will almost be like a convention.

  • medussa

    WHY??!! Why? would they have this film festival on Gay Pride Day?!!

    1/2 million people will be watching the Pride Parade, the gay community’s High Holy Holiday, the biggest event on the West Coast. The Parade starts at 11, and isn’t over until 3 pm, or even later.

    Oh, the frustration. Making me choose. It’s not right.

  • Larry Huffman

    Agreed Medusa…since I am in So Cal I will not be driving up anyway…but many of the people I know who would attend down here would be otherwise occupied with the gay pride festivities. I personally would pass on the gay pride day activities…since it is not every day you get to attend an atheist film festival, but that is just me.

  • I’m right outside of San Francisco, and this sounds like fun, but it would be an absolute nightmare trying to get into the city that day, at least in the morning and afternoon.

    I’ve already seen most of the feature films advertised thus far, although there is that undecided 8:00 PM time slot, and those short films sound like they could be really interesting.

    I just noticed that one of the organizers is Veronica Chater. I have her book Waiting for the Apocalypse out from the library right now.

  • I’m surprised Religulous isn’t on the schedule (or at least not yet).

  • Brian

    Suggestions for more films?

    The Golden Compass
    Monty Python’s The Life of Brian
    2001: A Space Odyssey

  • Epistaxis

    WHY??!! Why? would they have this film festival on Gay Pride Day?!!

    Wow, that’s ridiculous. Wikipedia says the attendance was 1.2 million last year, and it’s not like San Fran is easy to get around the rest of the time either. Plus they’re asking people to choose between gay pride and atheism. I really have to wonder what was going through their minds when they picked that date. It’s just about the worst time and worst place there could possibly be.

  • I’m also kind of annoyed that they’re having it on Pride Day. I personally tend to skip the Parade itself (I’m here, I’m queer, I’m used to it), but it always bugs me when people book things against Pride Day in SF. Doesn’t exactly show the greatest cultural sensitivity on the planet.

    However, the Roxie is very close to BART, so it shouldn’t be that hard to get to. And the Parade doesn’t last all day, while the AFF does. I’ll definitely be there for at least part of the day. See you there!

  • Brooks

    I wish I lived in California so I could go, but being a gay atheist, I don’t know how could I choose between the two. I also second the recommendation to show The Golden Compass.

  • Hey all:
    Just wanted to say thanks for the enthusiasm and suggestions and a quick word of explanation: Believe me, we had no idea we’d be competing with Gay Pride when we booked the theater, and with 20/20 hindsight, we would have reconsidered. But as it turned out, the 28th was the only day we could get the Roxie, so we jumped on it. But please don’t think we were snubbing our Gaytheist brothers and sisters. We hope you’ll party at Pride and then come to the AFF. See you there, heretics!
    -Dave Fitzgerald
    Co-Founder, Atheist Film Festival

  • MFilip

    the atheist film festival is no longer in conflict time-wise with the LGBT film festival or LGBT pride events so you can go to them all now  🙂

  • MFilip

    i never have a competition between my gayness and atheism … they’re with me everywhere i go  🙂

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