Simon Singh Addresses His Case to Hundreds in London May 18, 2009

Simon Singh Addresses His Case to Hundreds in London

I love when groups of intelligent people can get together in support of a fellow skeptic.

Simon Singh spoke to 200-300 supporters about the chiropractic libel case today. To summarize, Singh criticized the methods of chiropractics in a newspaper article last year but a judge recently claimed that he was attacking the practitioners of it (not true) and thus Singh lost his preliminary hearing. He is now thinking about filing an appeal.

Paul Sims was in the crowd at Penderel’s Oak pub in central London and has an excellent roundup of what was said.

What [Singh] was able to say at the meeting is that if he does mount an appeal it will have been in part influenced by the overwhelming support he has received from the public, who in addition to turning out this evening have signed up to internet groups in enormous numbers. While mounting an appeal is risky because he may lose, he gave three reasons why it is the right option — 1) he might win, 2) he wants his day in court to talk about what the Guardian article actually meant, and 3) most importantly this case is about broader issues that the validity of chiropracty — it is “about the need to be able to write about issues fairly and reasonably without being intimidated”.

We should know if Singh will file an appeal by May 28th.

(via New Humanist Blog)

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  • Brooks

    Before this whole case came up, I never even knew chiropractors were bogus. I just always thought they were legitimate back massage therapists because I see them frequently here.

  • Aj

    They don’t massage, they manipulate the spine, which is supported by evidence to relieve lower back pain, although no more effective than conventional treatment. There are risks involved in spinal manipulation, the worst being stroke when the neck is manipulated. Most of the focus on them is because too many of them promise they can treat near enough anything with it, any problem they say they can fix it, with no evidence whatsoever. Years ago I saw an undercover video of a chiropractor on TV claiming to be able to treat leukemia and charging a lot of money for regular treatment.

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