Arizona Governor Bans Planned Parenthood from Health Expo May 16, 2009

Arizona Governor Bans Planned Parenthood from Health Expo

What sort of services does Planned Parenthood provide for women?

  • Breast exams
  • Pap smears
  • Cervical cancer screenings
  • Infertility testings
  • Physical exams
  • Mammograms

And, yes, abortions, which make up approximately 3% (PDF) of PP’s total services.

With all that they offer, it makes sense that they would participate in the Women’s Health Expo this past week in Arizona.

Which is why it makes no sense that Governor Jan Brewer banned them from attending:

According to [president of Planned Parenthood Arizona Bryan] Howard, his group was advised of the ban about three weeks ago. He said he asked the governor’s office for an explanation and was told by a low-level staffer that “our presence would contradict the governor’s policy.”

Howard said he was unable to get an explanation of the policy.

Paul Senseman of the governor’s office said he did not know specifically what policy was involved.

The Governor would rather prevent women from getting access to numerous life-saving health services than allow them access to abortion information.

It’s pathetic and dangerous.

(Thanks to Stephanie for the link!)

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  • anonymouse

    This type of thing enrages me to no end. Planned Parenthood PREVENTS abortions, people. Prevention of pregnancy and sexual health care along with education is effective in preventing abortions.

    At least people can’t lie about it anymore. At least there’s some sort of transparency. They can’t claim to care about “teh baybeez” if they don’t want health info and condom distribution. It’s clear to anyone paying attention that all it is is control over womens’ bodies and sexuality.

    Whether you are pro-choice or not, you should recognize that women are PEOPLE, human beings, and that cutting off access to life-saving information and services is unethical.

  • By all means, let the women die of cancer (and go to heaven or hell)so you can save an unwanted baby from being aborted and at the same time keep people from using birth control when they should be “abstaining”. I guess in there score book, it’s a win/win.

  • bigjohn756

    Is there any question that this policy is a result of religious bigotry?

  • Richard Wade

    Is this expo owned by the State of Arizona? How can the Governor even do this?

  • medussa

    I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that the Governor is never going to personally need PP’s services.
    Additionally, I’d bet his daughters have enough resources to get their health info from other sources, and even hush-hush “private” abortions if needed..

  • SarahH

    This is wrong on about every possible level. I hope that enough health professionals, women, and generally concerned citizens make an uproar that this will get reversed, pronto. And the governor’s bigotry will be on record.

  • Michael Nietzsche

    I pray to Garsch that every woman this piece of shit knows…..gets raped and pregnant! Even his Mother!

  • I pray to Garsch that every woman this piece of shit knows…..gets raped and pregnant! Even his Mother!

    Are you fucking nuts? Please, someone tell me this guy’s a troll and not an actual atheist. Your previous comments disturbed me, but this? Seriously? As a rape survivor, I wouldn’t wish it on the most hateful of fundamentalists, and you’re suggesting that women who have no control over the governor’s actions should be punished in his stead for a decision of his that already hurts women.

  • Steph

    Hey, folks… just so you know, our governor is a woman. We lost Janet Napolitano to the nation and were left with Jan Brewer. As a resident of arizona and a former resident of Kentucky, this does not surprise me. It makes me sick, but it doesn’t surprise me. Wanna know something even sicker? If you’re raped and go to a Catholic hospital, you probably won’t get emergency contraception unless you raise a stink, and even then it’ll be a challenge.

  • freemind

    One of the more disturbing aspects of this is the fact the governor is a Mrs. Is this further evidence of how religion overwhelms our reasoning? A woman attacking a respected health care provider and putting her ideology above self-interest. In direct opposition to the majority of her voters. In defiance of studies showing women who have better access to health care options are less stressed and make better choices. With no practical motive other than politics. Disturbing indeed.

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