Last Chance to Sign Up for Skeptical Summer Camps May 15, 2009

Last Chance to Sign Up for Skeptical Summer Camps

It’s not too late to sign your child up for a summer camp! Both Camp Quest (six locations in the US) and Camp Inquiry (Holland, NY) offer fantastic experiences for the children of atheist parents.

If you get a chance to send your child to either, you’ll be doing them a favor. To quote David Silverman:

Note that neither of these is an atheist version of Jesus Camp. This is all about freedom of thought and the understanding that being an Atheist is not a bad thing — but there is never indoctrination.

Atheist parents are strongly encouraged to sign your kids up for one of these camp experiences. Either way, your kid will come home with skinned knees, a huge smile, and lots of nonreligious friends.

When Stephen Colbert finds these camps threatening, you know there’s something wonderful happening 🙂

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  • Jeremy

    Actually, Camp Quest has five locations in the US, and one in Canada.

    I know that because Camp Quest Ontario actually takes place on the campus of the university where I am right now. 😉

  • Sam

    I would love to be a counselor, but on the application it has a requirement that “At least one reference must be a person who can confirm your participation or
    membership in a freethought/secular/irreligious group” I am currently in NY and know of no such group to be a member. Do you really need to be a member of a group to be considered secular?

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