The Enjoy Your Life Campaign May 12, 2009

The Enjoy Your Life Campaign

Phase 1 of the Atheist Bus Campaign was letting the world know we’re here (and we have impressive numbers!).

Phase 2 could be considered letting the world know we can be good without a god — and it’s courtesy of the Freethought Association of Canada:


The Freethought Association of Canada will be looking for donations from anyone interested in helping spread the word that atheists are able and willing to do good deeds. Our outlook is global, and includes such worthwhile causes as:

  • Expanding the supply of condoms in Africa
  • Helping children’s literacy in Canada
  • Participating in the development of critical thinking curriculum for pre-university students
  • Building an online community to connect and support freethinkers around the world
  • Organizing blood drives and food banks
  • Taking YOUR suggestions for what you think the Canadian Freethought Community should support!

If you’d like to volunteer or donate to the cause, more information can be found here.

(via Liberal Debutante)

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  • gonnarain

    suggestion for what you should support: getting my lazy co-citizens of the usa on board. heh, a new nafta: north american free thought aliance. anyone speak spanish? 🙂

  • Lifer

    I haven’t really seen this discussion elsewhere but shouldn’t the singular ‘god’ be replaced with the plural ‘gods’? Are we specifically dogging the monotheistic?

    Changing it to ‘gods’ would be all-encompassing and possibly remind the faithful that there are supposedly a whole pantheon. That would obviously detract from any message directed towards the monotheistic though, if that is indeed the intent.. thoughts?

    Was there any discussion or debate on which term should be used that I haven’t discovered yet?

  • Kc

    This is something I would love to see in the US!

    I just wonder how fundraising would be affected if it weren’t coming directly from the nonreligious. In other words, how do we get people that view the nonreligious as “bad” to donate to our cause?

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