Atheist Bus Campaign in… South Bend! May 11, 2009

Atheist Bus Campaign in… South Bend!

Just as Catholics are protesting Barack Obama‘s visit to Notre Dame next weekend, atheists are making their move.

When the 48 buses of the Transpo fleet hit the South Bend, Indiana streets at 5:00 a.m. today, atheist ads will grace 20 of them.

In other words, if you ride the bus in South Bend, chances are that you’ll see our ad somewhere along Transpo’s 180 miles of routes.

The ads are the same ones that were banned in Bloomington: “You Can Be Good Without God.”

Anyone protesting that will have a lot of explaining to do.

If anyone sees an atheist bus on the road, take pics and link to them in the comments!

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  • Already knew this was coming (yay having the inside scoop), but hooray! The Westboro Baptist is coming to protest Obama’s speech – I wonder what they’ll think of the signs 😉

  • rg

    This ad is so perfect. Its so difficult to argue its message. I was happy to donate to the cause.

  • Hurray for South Bend — and I irrelevantly note that their transit company is also called “Transpo”. I find that interesting, as I had always thought the reason it was called that in Ottawa was to make it bilingual (in the sense that the word is neither English nor French ;-).

  • medussa

    WHY are Catholics protesting Obama’s visit to Notre Dame? Clearly I’m not up to date with the subplots in the Soap Opera of the Different Superstition Factions…
    As for the rest of the post: Great job, South Bend. We’re very proud of you, and you are officially more evolved than Oklahoma. Not that that means much.

  • bill

    catholics don’t like obama’s stance on abortion. thats pretty much it really.

  • Sam

    South Bend, my hometown! This is great- something to balance out that Obama ridiculousness. Well, something new for people to write disgruntled letters to the editor about. (South Bend is a pretty dominantly Catholic town, it seems to me).

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