Summer of Christianity a No-Go May 10, 2009

Summer of Christianity a No-Go

I had previously mentioned my upcoming Summer of Christianity. For some personal reasons I’d rather not get into, I’ve decided not to go through with it. For what it’s worth, the family in question was wonderful about everything.

Just wanted to get that out there.

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  • SarahH

    It was an interesting idea; I’m glad the family took everything well. Hopefully you have a great summer, no matter what your plans are 🙂

  • As mentioned in your original post about it way back when, I’ll do it.

    Are they up for taking a replacement?

  • Gabriel

    You have personal reasons that you don’t talk about on this blog? Wow, I thought everything was out here, you have been so open and honest about everything more than I could ever attempt.

  • grazatt

    I am glad! I get worried about Hemant every time he gets into something like that!