The American Patriot’s Bible May 7, 2009

The American Patriot’s Bible

Just in time for the National Day of Prayer, we’re reminded of another national pastime for Christian conservatives: lying.


The American Patriot’s Bible is surely a new textbook for homeschooling parents. Because no sane public school district would allow this garbage to infest its young minds.

The first mistake is that it implies that patriotism is tied to being a Christian. The second mistake is that it implies that God loves Americans more than citizens of other countries. When you hear the titles of the full-color insert articles, you can gather what the other mistakes will be like:

  • Christianity in Colonial America
  • Faith of our Founders
  • American Revolution
  • The Great Awakening
  • Christianity in American Education
  • Civil War
  • Monuments to American Patriotism
  • World War II
  • Equal Rights
  • Famous Christian Americans

Equal rights? How can you be proud of your equal rights history when you are the reason gay people don’t have them?

At least some Christians are disturbed by the idea of this book. Check out this review on Amazon:

As an Evangelical Christian, I love the Bible. I also love this country, and I am descended from a line of men who have served in the American military since the Civil War era. However, I am deeply disturbed by this Bible and by the nationalistic “Christianity” that it exemplifies.

To conflate American Patriotism and militaristic American Nationalism with Christianity is to turn America’s Wars into Holy Wars. To literally weave together the Scriptures and the Flag, presenting them as one united and holy blend, is unholy. The effect is to create an “American Jesus” who is really a War God. With all my heart, I believe that to print The American Patriot’s Bible is to desecrate the Word of God.

But after the anger has burnt off, I am just saddened by this Bible, deeply saddened, because I know that many American Christians, even some who attend my own church, will not feel revolted by it at all. I am terribly afraid that Thomas Nelson made a wise business decision in producing this blasphemous Bible.

Please know that there are American Christians deeply wounded and ashamed of the existence of this Bible.

And another:

The American Patriot’s Bible is a sick attempt to keep intact the unfortunate and mistaken idea of manifest destiny. While the discussion of Christianity & American Patriotism is an interesting one, to blend the too in a bible is blasphemous. If you believe that Jesus did not teach us to love our enemies or to pray for them, and instead you would like to kill them (believing that such violence is blessed by God) then this is the Bible for you. As a Christian, I repent for the existence of this horrific book.

And the atheists haven’t even reviewed the book yet.

More (mis)information can be seen in a promo video for the book.

(via WTF Would Jesus Do?)

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  • David D.G.

    To conflate American Patriotism and militaristic American Nationalism with Christianity is to turn America’s Wars into Holy Wars. To literally weave together the Scriptures and the Flag, presenting them as one united and holy blend, is unholy. The effect is to create an “American Jesus” who is really a War God.

    And thus is the modern Republican Party explained. Brilliantly.

    ~David D.G.

  • Reginald Selkirk

    It is obvious that the entire concept is abominable from either a patriotic or a religious view, since both the U.S constitution and the Bible discourage the mingling of church and state. I wonder about the reliability of the material in the book though. There are a great many fabricated quotes in circulation to support the “America is a Christian Nation” myth, for example from David Barton.

  • Reginald Selkirk

    The American Patriot’s Bible is a sick attempt to keep intact the unfortunate and mistaken idea of manifest destiny….

    I went to Amazon and had a look around. Oddly enough, that reviewer gave the book 5 stars.

  • Reginald Selkirk

    Here’s the only other 5 star review (of a total 14 customer reviews), it is clearly a Poe:

    Finally a Bible for the American Conservative Evangelical! With this Bible we can finally stop apologizing for the genocide of 20 million Native Americans and the enslavement of millions of African Americans. These events, along with the theft of Northern Mexico (Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado and California) can be rightly seen as the manifest destiny of God’s chosen people. The waterboarding of hundreds and the deaths of over 100,000 Filipinos can be seen as the ethnic cleansing required to spread the gospel of democracy during the Spanish American War…

  • mikespeir

    Throughout history, “nation” and “country” have been almost synonymous. A nation is a “people,” usually closely related in culture and, commonly, ethnicity. Central to their unity has been their religion.

    The United States was an abrupt departure from this model, yet some people still have trouble getting the idea of its inevitability out of their heads. Christians can’t worship both God on the one hand and mammon on the other. The obvious solution is to make them one and the same. The attempt, then, is to equate Americanism with Christianity. Making one altar serve both keeps them from being torn in different directions.

  • schism

    Equal rights? How can you be proud of your equal rights history when you are the reason gay people don’t have them?

    Silly Hemant; gays aren’t people! They’re demons of lust incarnate sent by Satan to indoctrinate our children into communism.

  • beckster

    I was once a middle school US History teacher and I just threw up a little in my mouth.

  • LOL @ Reginald

  • Equality to them only means Christians, preferably white, definitely heterosexual and conservative. I’m actually surprised they allowed that one to make the edit. Most current “conservatives” sneer at the concept of equality, thinking it some namby-pamby liberal/socialist concept that turns us all into queers.

  • weaves

    I am curious about the WW sections. Ever since I was proudly informed by a young American (16) that Australia was involved in neither wars and the wars were only won because of America (and not the accumulation of different countries) I have greatly wondered what is being taught in history.

    She was public schooled too.

  • This is nothing new. I have a book I read in the early 80s called “The Light and the Glory” that sounds like it had exactly the same message this book (although it was not a Bible). The book is copyright 1977 and according to the authors, America started falling apart about 15 years before the writing of their book. Same shit, different decade.

  • magdalune

    What’s encouraging is that significant conservative Christian voices hate this Bible.

    Then again, the reason why is that they don’t like how it puts country before God. Still, whatever breaks up the marriage between religion and politics is a-okay in my book.

  • Pockets881

    A true Patriots bible (with some minor editing)

  • PJ

    I know in general many will disagree with the merging of American Patriotism and the bible- but the influence of the bible on early American history cannot be ignored. The unique combination of a history book and a bible in one volume, the American Patriot’s Bible New King James Version, is a great resource for the history enthusiast. This bible is focused on a frequently “untapped” audience; the history enthusiast. Having a BS in history, I greatly appreciated the merging of American history with the bible. Often it is the case that the faith of our nation’s founding fathers is overlooked by modern liberal education. For better or worse, this bible highlights the faith of our presidents and other American leaders. Keep in mind that this bible should not be considered a traditional study bible, because the focus of the additional study helps concerns how scripture relates to American history. What is wrong with a bible that also integrates some of our nation’s history? This is a specialty bible, as such, naturally it won’t appeal to everyone.

  • Kayla

    As a future atheistic homeschooling parent, this post disappoints me.

  • Greg Jacobson

    This new addition of the Bible is a must read for anyone wanting to learn how its words shaped our history. There are many great examples of how our founding fathers, Presidents, Generals used the bible in creating our country and decisions that have been made since.

    I would recommend this bible to any historian, theologian and just plain thinker to get a better glimpse at this Nations great beginning.

  • Cheryl

    This website is “friendly”! This country was founded on the principals in the Bible – Generals, leaders and our founding father’s used it to influence their plans and decisions. Good thing they did!

  • Anthony G.

    This is a really useful site. You show a book, that looks to be about 400 pages, and then state it is full of lies. (confirmed by cronies who probably have not read it). Beautiful. Any examples of lies? You list the civil war above…what about the civil war? When you go straight for the ad hominim is shows you have nothing from the start.

  • mayo27

    It is not surprising to read the hostile comments posted here. We are in the fourth generation of historical misdirection concerning our roots. Original documents from our nation’s origins confirm we do have Christian roots!

  • mk

    Disgusted reviews aren’t limited to Check out these blog posts from Greg Boyd, pastor of Woodland Hills Church:

    The Patriot’s Bible and Justified Torture
    Reflections on an Idolatrous Bible
    The Patriot’s Bible – Really?

  • Concerned American

    After reading all of the negative comments… I must say it’s funny to me. Not once did anyone say that the writings in the Bible were lies, nor did anyone state that the quotes used in this Bible were untrue of false. Since no one has an issue with the validity of the Bible’s contents or the validity of the quotes of our founding fathers or other influential Americans — I don’t see why everyone is so upset?? This book is simply a standard King James Bible with comments or quotations from important US figures in history. I think it’s a great idea, & anyone who is a history buff should pick it up. Thanks!

  • As a Christian and an American and a Scholar, this bible made me want to vomit for all the reasons you mentioned and more. It not only misrepresents the history of America, it also grossly misrepresents the Christian faith. Instead of being a people called to love all people, regardless of nationality, this bible’s commentary suggests that it is right and good to give preferential treatment to those who share our national heritage.

    I am also upset that it at least implies that you are a better Christian if you are an American or that you are a better American if you claim to be a Christian. That is asinine nonsensical garbage.

  • bp

    Are you serious? Gay people do have equal rights. So, did you mean “special rights?” Why are you so afraid of the truth? Show me one error or lie (as you call it) in this book. It’s factual and in the words of Gilder Ratner (sp?) “that’s the truth.”

  • Anthony G.

    I wanted to check back to see if anyone could provide one of the “lies” suggested. No response, wonder why?

    RoguMinster: How does it misrepresent the Christain faith? Where does it imply you should not love all people? Last, as a Christian are you saying that would not make you a better American? I don’t know your definition of a Christian but I don’t see how becoming one could not improve anyones life. Do you disagree with that?

  • Ben T.

    Yea this cracks me up. These people don’t even make sense. This bible in no way implies that America is better than all other countries. You wont get them to tell you what the lies are either. There is none. This country was founded on Christianity. Proof is forevermore on that. Goofy on Mickey Mouse is sounding more smarter every time I hear these people open there mouth.

  • Shane Broughton

    I would just like to ssay that all that has been said on this website about this bible is totally biased. It is not a bible saying anything about how we are loved more than any other nation or people. This bible only points out that we as a nation have been blessed because our founding fathers built this nation on biblical principles. They devoted the birth of this country to God and that is a reason that we prospered as a nation. I cannot understand how you as a group of atheists can comment on how christians and/or the nation feels about this bible. And unfortunately, this would never be a textbook in any school other than a christian school because of the state of this nation. This nation has fallen from the grace of God and that is the reason that we are no longer blessed. This nation has turned its back on God and turned towards imorality and it is destroying this nation. I am a veteran and am very proud of this nation and where it has come from and I pray that it will recover as long as we as a nation realize simple truths that marriage is between a man and a woman, abortion is murder and freedom of speech means that I can still talk about God anywhere I want even if it makes others uncomfortable as long as I’m not forcing them to believe what I believe.

    I pray that you will take this to heart and realize that the only reason we exist is to praise and worship God and knowing that Jesus payed the ultimate saccrifice for our sins such that if we believe in him we are saved and will reign in heaven with God the father.

  • Wayne Carrel

    A simple question to start. Is it true that it takes more FAITH to be and Atheist than to have FAITH in Christ. Those with an open mind just think of that for a moment or two.

    ALL Americans NOW know that America WAS FOUNDED on Godly principals.

    The American Patriot’s Bible clearly states the facts on just how God has been and will continue to be a part of this great nation. So many are fearful of this bible and I simply cannot understand why.

    Our schools and History classes at all levels should read and understand the TRUE facts of our nation. Understand the strength of the great men who formed this nation and just where this strength was obtained. The American Patriot’s Bible clearly shows this.

    The American Patriot’s Bible offers the true facts of over 300 different people, places and times in America when Godly principals and a Godly foundation were part of decisions and strength which formed this great country.

    9/11 was not that long ago when this country was shocked with the disaster of the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center. On that day and many weeks which followed churches across America were standing room only. The United Stated Flag was completely sold out; you could not purchase one anywhere in the United States. WHY? Because everyone turned to God during this time of need.

    The American Patriot’s Bible is God’s word, God’s involvement in the great men who made this nation what it is today.

    Everyone should have a copy. Our history has included God, not just for the United Stated of America but for the world.

    I thank you for your time and space to post this comment. I trust it will be posted for ALL to see.

  • Scott

    On this very date, at this very hour 233 years ago, five men were completing a document. A document that, today, is the only written document in the world whereby a country is founded on God’s divine providence.

    To deny that our country was founded on anything other than God’s guiding principles is an attempt to rewrite history.

    I have read many of the articles in this bible and found the bible to be a great complement to other history books and as a cross-reference guide.

    God’s love is not confined to the United States, but is offered as a gift to anyone who asks Him. However, we, as a country, have been blessed because it was founded on Him.

    My prayer is that everyone will come to know God as their personal Lord and Savior. God bless you and God bless the United States of America.

  • Barry

    GOD Bless Dr. Lee for the bravery to author this Bible to show the secular world that this nation is founded on Christian values and the founders of this great nation knew that and stated that from the creation of this nation. The Patriot’s Bible is a wonderful example of the Christian’s who stood and founded our nation and it’s beliefs!

  • Anne

    I am a second generation homeschool parent and a Christian, and I think that this “bible” was a very bad idea. It makes Jesus out to be some kind of war-lord and America to be some kind of shining light to the rest of the world. It goes against everything that Jesus taught about His kingdom. It twists scripture to fit a nationalistic agenda and drags the Name of Jesus and His followers through the mud. Trust me, I know more Christians and homeschoolers who greatly object to this “bible” than embrace it. Please, do not judge us all by the mistakes of a few.

  • Scott

    The United States Of America is not a Christian nation. It never ever was and it never ever will be.

  • Brad Martin

    “Friendly”?? Is that a joke?
    If I were a betting man, I would lay it all on the table that not one of the above commenters have ever read any portion of this edition.
    What does it say about people willing to render judgment without data?

  • Priss

    I think this Bible was a good idea. I don’t find it saying that America is better then everyone or that we Americanized Jesus. If you go to Washington DC and just walk around our nations monument you will find bible versus every where. They have a painting in one of the building’s of President Washington Praying on his knee to God and so many other painting with reference to God. The Supreme Court has Moses on it holding the 10 commandment and other’s as well like Mohammed, Confusious and so fourth, they tried to include all important religion of that time. Yes our country does not have a national religion and that is because our founders wanted all religions to be welcomed here. They belief that no religion had more rights then another to be seen publicly. They never, NEVER intended for us to hide our religion in a closet like it was a sin. They didn’t belief in prosecuting Religion or making us all non-believers. They wanted NO ONE to be prosecuted for their beliefs. But our nations was founded on Judeo-Christian beliefs, this much is true and fact and we can not deny it no more then we can deny night and day.

    George Washington, “Of all the disposition and habits which lead to political prosperity, religion and morality are indispensable supports.”

    James Madison, “While we assert a freedom to embrace, to profess and to observe the religion which we believe to be of divine origins. We cannot deny an equal freedom to chose minds who have not yet yielded to the evidence that have convinced us”.

    John Adams, “Our Constitution was made for a Morale and Religious people. It is holy un-adequate to the government of any other”.


    Thus, We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

    I have already read some of this bible and its amazing to see what our founders believed in and why they did the things they did. I don’t understand why people are always talking about be open minded, we should except all people but the moment some one says they believe in Jesus or are Christian all the be excepting of others goes right out the window and you become the target of hate and mockery. Your not even allowed to say his name in a public forum or quote him. Of course you can quote any other religious figure just not Jesus or the Bible. Talk about double standards wasn’t one of the reason many pilgrims came here was to escape religious prosecution?

  • AmericanSoldier


    All of your points are valid, but these are hating atheists – not friendly at all, and so-called Evangelical Christians who do a better job at uniting with unbelievers and opposing, EEEEKKKK, Homeschooled Children and their uncaring parents, as well as Christians who happen to be Patriotic, too! Well, I do believe this is the greatest Country on the face of the Earth, and that God has blessed us. Liberalism is NOT about listening to other views, and it’s certainly NOT about listening or reading the Words of Jesus Christ. It’s about attacks and disliking those – putting it mildly – who disagree with them. Hey, “friendly atheist” – we will “agree to disagree.” 😉

    JOHN 3:16 – For GOD so loved the World…He gave His only Son (JESUS) – that Whoever believes In Him, shall Not Perish…but have Eternal Life.

    Oh yes – GOD Bless America!

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