Bristol Palin Promotes Abstinence; My Irony Meter Breaks May 7, 2009

Bristol Palin Promotes Abstinence; My Irony Meter Breaks

The Elegance of Quantum Mechanics by George W. Bush.

How to Dress Conservatively by Britney Spears.

I the Discovery Institute by PZ Myers.

Abstinence by Bristol Palin.

It doesn’t make sense for certain people to be promoting certain ideas.

(Thanks to Kurt for the link!)

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  • Oh, I dunno: it makes sense in a cautionary tale sort of way….”Don’t do this, or you’ll wind up like me!”

  • Sarah TX.

    It’s actually perfectly consistent with the idea that a woman’s purpose is to have lots and lots of babies. The logic goes like this:

    1) If you don’t want to have babies, then abstain from sex,
    2) If you want to have sex, then your responsibility is to have babies,
    3) Disregard the first two rules if you are not a woman.

  • Oh god, for a second I was terrified that was an actual book, and that my blog followers would want me to review it. I’m relieved.

    “Asked how she squared her own experiences with her new campaign, she added, “I’m not quite sure””

    Aka, my mommy told me to do it. *throws up a little*

  • chatterbox

    That’s like a topsy-turvy universe’s best seller’s list! Very funny, and thank’s for the credit!

  • mikespeir

    Nobody knows like Bristol that abstinence would have worked. Now we just need for her to tell us how to abstain.

  • Irony is best served over a plate of hypocrisy.

    As for Eamon’s comment, I agree that it may be spun into a “don’t do this, I regret it” type of message, but that’s not the message that was presented during the campaign. Thus, the hypocritical slant on all of this.

  • beckster

    Teenage girls from disadvantaged backgrounds will see the photo and video of Bristol holding her cute little cuddly baby lovingly on her lap and will think to themselves how great it would be to have a baby to love and receive love from. I mean she makes it look so easy!

  • So I guess I AM perfectly qualified to apply to be a Baptist missionary!

  • It seems that the “abstinence only” meme is how she ended up where she is. She ought to be promoting birth control instead.

  • This is just her mom telling her to do this, I’m 99% sure that she doesn’t personally believe this. This is also another testament in the book of Sarah Palin failing

  • Sarah TX.

    It seems that the “abstinence only” meme is how she ended up where she is. She ought to be promoting birth control instead.

    Yeah. I read somewhere that Ms. Palin and her boyfriend used birth control sporadically, but not regularly.

    I, on the other hand, have never failed to use a condom and I have never gotten pregnant (knock on wood). Birth Control FTW!

    The point is that many conservatives want young girls to get pregnant. It’s God’s Will™

  • Do as I say, not as I do.

  • I was really hoping she would say “If you absolutely have to have sex before marriage please remember that there is always a backdoor the temple.”

  • SASnSA

    Jennifurret and Sean,

    I was thinking much the same thing. It’s easy to imagine Sarah telling her this is how it’s going to go, or we’re not helping to support you and your bastard.

    Bristol (next day): “Abstinence is good”

  • Siamang

    It seems that the “abstinence only” meme is how she ended up where she is.

    This is where Dr. Phil provides us the perfect rejoinder:

    “So tell me, how’s this working out for you so far?”

  • I agree Jennifurret, Sean,

    I think this is another case of a parent using her kid to promote her own agenda.

    You know, if McCain and Sarah had won, Sarah would have forced her daughter to marry that guy. Can’t prove it, but I bet she would have.

  • SarahH

    I was ready, going into that article, to perhaps read something about how she’s learned from her experience, etc. but she lost me completely when she described abstinence as the only “foolproof” way to avoid pregnancy.

    At which point: LOL

  • Carl

    You, the one person who is going to be the most difficult to convince with this is her son. When he’s old enough to have sex, there’s no way he’s going to take her ‘abstinence’ advice seriously. Unless she wants to admit that she regrets having him or something, which I’m pretty sure she won’t.

  • Ryan

    Ha Thats like the Pope trying to teach people how to use condoms. Or Fred Phelps teaching tolerance.

  • Phallo
  • She is just a girl who got pregnant. It happens. It’s not a character flaw or anything. She can preach abstinence if she wants to.

    Although George W. Bush writing about the Elegance of Quantum Mechanics… that I can’t see at all!

  • I am a born-again Christian and I absolutely love your site. It pushes me to think of logical and rational ways to justify my faith. God (Yes, Virginia there is a God) created our ability to be reasonable and therefore is probably chuckling a bit about the people seeing things in chairs and sausage. Love your work!

  • Brooks

    Why are the Palins still in the news anyway?

  • Is that a grown up way of saying “OMG! Having babies is really sore, you know! Like Ouch to the millionth. And then all they do is cry, and puke and crap on everything. It’s a major bummer. Sex is so not worth it.”

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