Why Are Atheists Less Intelligent Than Christians? May 6, 2009

Why Are Atheists Less Intelligent Than Christians?

Because God = Scissors.

Your favorite Poe explains it all:

(via Jesusophile)

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  • VorlonGuyverOss

    It doesn’t take intelligence to believe what you are told. I take intelligence to question what you are told and to think of the reason of who, what, when, where, how, and why.

    … wait my brain just locked up trying think in the way he does.

    All I can say about this video is this guy is an example of a Darwin Award nominee.

    Maybe he will be a award winner one day.

  • Are you sure he’s a poe? I’m not. He makes the same arguments I hear from the serious fundies.

  • Amber

    Okay, I can’t even watch this whole thing it makes me so mad. Is there some kind of Atheist Squad we can send to sterilize this dude in his sleep or something? It terrifies me when I hear people talk like this and think about them spreading their nonsense to innocent children.

  • He’s using object permanence to explain blind faith….I love it. Dogs have object permenance. They would believe the scissors are there. So do dogs have faith in God?

    PS – I’m sick of the “is it a poe?” comments. I’m 90% sure it is, and even if it isn’t, it’s still great entertainment.

  • Teranon

    So, my understanding from this video is that a Christian is (metaphorically) someone who thinks the capital of America is New York because he looked it up in an encyclopedia (I’m assuming the non-metaphorical version of this encyclopedia is the bible)?

    That actually sounds about right. The book in both cases is full of nonsense. He thinks intelligence is finding the wrong answer in a book full of mistakes.

  • Dan

    Hmm… his example of an intelligent child is one who looks in an encyclopedia and determines the capital of America. Is it ironic that the example he uses to prove the existence of God is a child that reads a book and is convinced that the capital of America is New York?

    Most intelligent people know that the capital of the United States of America is Washington, DC. “America” isn’t actually a country and doesn’t have a capital. It certainly isn’t New York.

    So, what if someone reads the bible and is convinced that there is a God? Guess he has just shown that you can’t believe everything that is written in a book, eh?

  • Josh BA

    I HAVE FOUND THE SCISSORS! This guy is a genius.

  • OpaqueWishes

    “What’s the capital of America?”
    “New York!”

    You just have to love that blank stare around the 4:12 mark! 🙂

  • Proof that rednecks are even dumber than atheists. LOL

  • Jason

    Outstanding bit of satire there. Hilarious, and just plausible enough to make you wonder.

  • His hair looks so soft and shiny!

    Seriously, this guy is hilarious.

  • Tankred

    That is the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen. Also, great satire.

  • iOliver

    Is he real or not?

  • Ben

    I think that he is serious, but Poe’s Law is in effect here. I just loved the Deja Vu tangent.

  • Luther Weeks

    Proof that rednecks are even dumber than atheists. LOL

    Speak for yourself. I would not claim that atheists are all highly intelligent since it only takes a little common sense, yet that is a sign of relatively intelligent life compared to those taken in by myths or going along.

  • karen

    Some of you say it is satire, some say it’s not, I say he’s down right annoying either way.

    People who make annoying videos are less intelligent then those who don’t.

  • Russ

    It would be interesting to see this guy’s reaction if he watches these same videos in 30 years.

  • Jason

    Robert Madewell: That’s the whole point of Poe’s Law.

  • Pombolo

    Umm, yes. Perhaps bloggers should explain what a Poe is before posting things like this, since many atheists here seem to be confused.

  • This video was a little like what Tom Green would be if he became a fundie.

    I don’t think this guy’s serious, but if he is, this has to be the most retarded argument for Christianity (or against atheism) I’ve ever seen.

  • Peter

    Whaaat, terms of use violation? Lame.

  • paulalovescats

    Well, since I’m on the internet right now, I can always look stuff up. But then I get sidetracked and an hour later I go “Damn, how did I get here?”

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