Update to the Military Proselytizing Story May 6, 2009

Update to the Military Proselytizing Story

On Monday, Al Jazeera reported that American soldiers were illegally proselytizing in Afghanistan, distributing Bibles in native languages.

On Tuesday, the military took action:

Reuters News says the Bibles were confiscated and destroyed after Qatar-based Al Jazeer television showed soldiers at a Bible class on a base with a stack of Bibles translated into the local Pashto and Dari languages…

The Chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Mike Mullen, told a Pentagon briefing Monday that the military’s position is that it will never “push any specific religion.”

The problem’s not gone. The Bibles will return. And I haven’t heard about any soldiers getting punished or even reprimanded for their illegal activities.

The U.S. government needs to take a harsher stance against people who abuse their military positions to try and advance their faith.

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  • Look at that OneNewsNow headline — at first glance, it sounds like they confiscated his personal Bible, not things he was intending to hand out to the locals. How long before some of the Usual Suspects start decrying the persecution of poor Christian soldiers by the Evil Obama Administration?

  • Polly

    Reuters News says the Bibles were confiscated and destroyed

    ACK! Why destroy them? I’d like to have copies of Bibles in the native languages of that region to add to my collection. 🙁

    They should definitely stop them from proselytizing of course. That just makes a bad situation so much worse.

    Arrogant, ignorant ‘murkins.

  • Cafeeine

    I note the (finished) poll under the article:
    ‘What’s your reaction to the decision by the U.S. military to destroy the soldier’s Bibles?’ has 62% responses as
    ‘If this had been the Koran, this never would have happened’

    Well Duh!
    a) it isn’t proselytizing to give a person their own holy book (not that I approve) and
    b) would smdy in the US Army ever need to give Korans to the people of a predominantly Muslim country? Would the fraction of the non-Muslims in the area really depend on proselytization of a US soldier?

    This really doesn’t offer anything new, but the inanity just called out to me for attention!

  • Eliza

    Well, it makes sense that they punished the Bibles, not the people. After all, people don’t proselytize; Bibles do. [/sarcasm]

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