Is There a Heaven? asks News Reporter May 4, 2009

Is There a Heaven? asks News Reporter

Why is a news station doing a story on whether Heaven exists?

Probably for the same reason they give airtime to kooks who see Jesus in their furniture

At least they featured an atheist, Edwin Kagin, in the piece.

The website for the story features two polls, both heading in the wrong direction.



At the moment: 9% saying no to Heaven. 17% saying no to Hell.

We can fix that, right?

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  • The link is dead, but you can goto the front page and vote on if there is an afterlife.

  • Yes, on the home page there is one question which asks “Do you believe in life after death?”, and 20% are saying “No” right now.

  • Somero

    My afterlife could beat up your afterlife.

  • Eliza

    (this may end up being a duplicate post)

    It’s here:

    Currently, the contradictory notion of “life after death” is running 78% “yes”, 22% “no”

  • Who needs Jesus in a chair, even better is the Virgin Mary in a griddle (okay really it’s the Lucho Libre wrestlers also in the photo that makes it so great).

  • Andy G

    @ Somero
    Oh yeah, well my afterlife has volcanoes of beer and strippers. Your move.

  • MisterDomino

    Influencing online polls, Hemant?

    Who do you think you are, PZ Myers? 😉

  • stephanie

    Oh, Cincinnati, why do you always do stuff like this? Wasn’t the Zoo teaming up with the Quack-museum enough?

  • Chal

    It’s up to 26% and 32% now.

  • karen

    How come the results show more people believe in heaven then hell? Seems again like they are picking out only what they like, how convenient for them not to have to worry about such unpleasantries. Such hypocrites.

  • Evan

    I’ve taken care of the poll : )

    It’ll be a few hours, but ultimately, I feel as if our cause will prevail.

  • Evan

    More people now believe hell does not exist than those that do : )

    Heaven shall fall shortly.

  • Somero


    Well, the christian hell is a newer concept than the christian heaven.

    It’s easier to see that it’s fake.

  • Successfully skewed. Thanks for the link, PZ – err, I mean Hemant!

  • Evan

    Its amazing what five or six hundred votes will do to small online polls.

  • Now: 81.1 against heaven, 83.3 against hell. Good job, everyone!

  • Evan

    The iOpus macro add-on for FireFox works miracles that even Jesus never was able to pull off: Manipulating online polls.

  • Ex Partiot

    If there was a heaven or hell and I had to spend eternity with the so called Christians of today I would rather be in hell, but due to the fact I believe in neither I am not to worried.

  • Amanda

    The same station is doing a story Thursday night (late night newscast) on the power of prayer, miracle cures, and faith healing. It is Cincinnati, the home to Ken Ham.

  • Sam

    Ah, the power of the volunteer poll. Seems atheism is on the rise in channel 12 viewers 🙂

  • Yes to Heaven 14.5%
    No 85.5%

    Well done, everyone!! =)

  • Nick

    lol, the results are now 85% for “no” for both questions. Everyone who reads this must have flooded the site…

  • Nick


  • Chris

    I love the voice of reason put to action – Hemant, At least you know you’re more popular than Local 12 in Cincinnati. So, you have that going for you, which is nice*….

    *Apologies to Carl Spackler

  • PhysicsPhaery

    Hah, I almost feel bad. Do you think there’s someone over there scratching their head over this? Or maybe they’ll feel inclined to do a story on atheists now?

  • lol, the results are now 85% for “no” for both questions. Everyone who reads this must have flooded the site…

    More likely the poll didn’t have an IP address checker and most of the votes were due to one clever individual.

  • Mriana

    Looks like we did it. 😆

  • Shel

    I know poll-crashing really doesn’t accomplish much in the long run, but damn if it isn’t entertaining 😛

  • CybrgnX

    But there is a heaven and I’m there when my grand-daughter smiles at me.
    and there is a hell…it exists when I have to spend time away from my family.

    The xtian & islam BS is just that.

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