There Are Indeed Atheists in Foxholes May 2, 2009

There Are Indeed Atheists in Foxholes

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise:

The video was created by ChuckyJesus666.

(via The Hidden Atheist)

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  • It started off terribly, got really good, then sucked at the end. Of course I might be a bit biased being that I hate the default color and font on Windows MovieMaker. Overall, though, not bad.

    That guy at 1:45 looked just like Pastor Deacon Fred.

  • cathy

    As a pacifist, I kind of feel uncomfortable at arguing that atheists are cool because we’re willing to kill, invade, mutilate and destroy just like theists. It’s a screwed up definition of courage that considers a willingness to kill others more important than a willingness to take care of and support others.

  • Wim

    Hi Cathy,

    The point of the video is not that atheists are cool because some of them are also willing to kill other people. The point is that even when you’re faced with a high probability of dying, as is the case when you’re a soldier in combat, atheists won’t crumble, get down on their knees and give in to irrational wishful thinking.

    The expression just happens to be “there are no atheists in foxholes”. If the expression had been “there are no death-bed atheists” then the author of this video would have debunked that “folk wisdom” instead.

  • “there are no atheists in foxholes” is a lie promulgated by the religious. That they have to lie to promote their religious beliefs just goes to show how shallow their beliefs really are.

  • No disrespect intended cathy but, its easy to be a pacifist when others are doing your fighting for you.

    I myself despise the thought of war and wish with every fibre of my being that we as a species could out grow it. However, as things stand at the moment, we need good men and women to stand up and fight, and yes kill, those who would try to harm us, our children and our countrymen.

    The point I got from the video was that you don’t need to believe in the christian god in order to fight against those who believe in the muslim god (although, technically they are the same character).

  • Autumnal Harvest

    No disrespect intended cathy but, its easy to be a pacifist when others are doing your fighting for you.

    No disrespect intended, Sarah, but it’s easy to be in favor of war when others are doing your fighting for you.

  • Will

    Hemant, did the hidden atheist make the video?

  • Hemant, did the hidden atheist make the video?

    Will — No, HA did not make the video. I have added a line to the original posting to make clear who the creator was. Thanks for helping me clear up the confusion.

  • Twin-Skies

    “kill, invade, mutilate”

    I doubt everybody in the military had these thoughts in mind when they signed on. A lot of these enlisteds are probably looking at their service as a means of getting into a decent college, one that’s otherwise impossible given their poverty.

    Don’t cast such a wide blanket statement, Cathy.

  • Well that was unexpected, I was in it 😛 Kinda tripped me out that my old Basic Training photo from the AF is the photo under the play button lol.

    It reminds me I used to be thin…..

  • Will

    Thanks Hemant.

    I actually met the guy who made that video this weekend. His channel is pretty good as well.

  • Spurs Fan

    As a semi-pacifist, who really has issues with the phrase that the military is always “fighting to protect our freedom”, I still liked the video. Any person who does a remotely thorough investigation of our history should know well and good that most of the wars we fought had little to do with our freedom and more to do with some sort of political agenda.

    Still, that’s not the fault of the women and men who have served in our our armed forces, but rather the fault of the Presidents who made those decisions. All in all, I like the video. It reminds us that patriotic and deeply religious do not necessarily go hand-in-hand.

    I also like the JFK music.

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