The Austrian Atheist Song May 2, 2009

The Austrian Atheist Song

This song is courtesy of the Austrian band wosIsig. (The subtitles help.)

Catchy, no?

You *know* you’ll be humming that later today…

(According to No Guy in the Sky, there’s a mistranslation. The singer isn’t saying she’s a “little atheist.” She’s saying she’s a “skinny atheist.”)

(via thaelm4nn)

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  • “I’m a small atheist”?


  • I didn’t realize that there was an eastern European ska scene. Very catchy song.

  • Humming that. LOL No!
    Maybe they translated it wrong. She is saying she is a skinny atheist. I hear over there they believe skinny atheists are smarter than heavy atheists. I know that is illogical since heavy atheists have more weight to their arguments. 😀

  • Tim Stroud

    Owww… There’s a space at the top of my skull that hurts now.

  • tiamsuu

    Hrm. Definitely “little atheist”.

    Ach, didn’t grok No Guy was kidding;)

  • If you like skinny atheist girls from Europe, here is one from Romania.

    She has a pretty good head on her shoulders.

  • “klein” should be translated as small, but whether small as in body size is open for interpretation.

    love the song!

  • No mistranslation. Klein means “small” or in this case, probably “petite.” The German word for skinny is dünn.

  • Mriana

    Not bad and Toby is right, from what little German I know, it is probably petite.

  • waldgaenger

    it’s ‘little’ (‘klein’) – not small or petite (which would also be ‘klein’), but considering the context, she’s not referring to her size – it’s more like ‘sweet little sixteen’ which doesn’t mean she can’t be 6 ft. tall… more like ‘cute’

  • Cheers to all here! 😀 Thanks for all the hits!

    To the question of translation of “Klein”: Anyway, it´s my fault. “Kleiner Atheist” in this case means that she´s not for the immediate abolition of all religions, but rather for the principle of tolerance. Religions can’t integrate tolerance easily because they’re of the opinion that they’ve got the one and only right answer, so she sings: “I don’t care what you are, as long as you don’t want me to be like you”, meaning: Keep your religion to yourself and out of Politics, Society and my own private pleasures, as I’m an atheist and don’t have to obey your arbitrary rules.

    so much about that. 😀 Cheers, dave thaelm4nn (currently in Kathmandu)

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