Atheist and Christian Student Groups Win Award at OSU May 1, 2009

Atheist and Christian Student Groups Win Award at OSU

A couple months ago, I engaged in a public dialogue with Christian pastor Jay Gamelin at The Ohio State University. It wasn’t a debate; there was no winner. It was just a chance for two people with different beliefs to discuss religious questions — many of them posed by audience members.

You can see video of that dialogue here.

There’s some good news to report since that meeting: Students for Freethought and Jacob’s Porch — the groups that made the event happen — are getting an award!

On behalf of the Multicultural Center, the I Sold my Soul on Ebay Program has been selected as a recipient of the Multicultural Center Staff Intercultural Award. You have being recognized for your important work within the community and are being acknowledged for your significant accomplishment, initiative, innovation, work, or service in areas related to the Multicultural Center mission and values.

That’s exciting news. Credit goes to Ashley Paramore and Jonathan Weyer for making it happen.

I hope other groups get the idea to have similar discussions at campuses across the country. It was easily a successful event because of the nature of the topic and the way it was run. Both can be duplicated easily.

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  • Tom

    Way 2 go Ashley!

  • Vincent

    I just wish people would stop saying “OSU” as though everyone knows what they mean.
    As a displaced Okie I keep thinking Okahoma State University – go Cowboys.

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