Miss California Speaks at Christian College April 30, 2009

Miss California Speaks at Christian College

It’s two of your favorite things in one place: Liberty University and Miss California Carrie Prejean.

Prejean talks about her “persecution” at the 3:10 mark:

I liked how she says she’s not sure if the whole Perez Hilton question was a setup… Then later says she had to choose his name from a jar. That’s called “randomness,” not a “setup.” Hilton didn’t know who his question would be directed to.

And you have to love one of Prejean’s final lines. After talking about how marriage is under attack by the homosexuals, she adds:

“It’s all about tolerance.”

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  • “It’s all about tolerance.”

    “You keep saying that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

  • EndUnknown

    being antigay = tolerance?! what kind of Orwellian doublespeak is that?

  • Daniel

    I’m so bored with this topic already. She was asked her opinion and she gave it. I don’t agree with it or like it, but it’s her opinion. Unfortunately as shown in the last election, it’s not even a minority opinion here in California. At least it’s not a minority opinion of those who took the time to go to the polls.

    So why I do I have to keep being reminded of this one person who carries this view?

  • DeafAtheist

    Someone get the girl a dictionary.

    er… maybe start with some Seuss first. Baby steps.

  • Jason

    I am hopelessly infuriated whenever I hear somebody talk in favor of Ben Stein and how he “pokes holes in Evolution”.

    And those same sonofabitches can’t even defend their own positions.

  • Sock

    My god, for lack of a better term.

    She’s a beauty model. Her entire life is based around how people think she looks. Why the fssk do we give a damn about what goes on between her brain cells? She’s just Joe the Plumber with boobs. Some random jerk off that is being shoved in the face of anyone who watches the news.

    Her opinion is as valid as a chef. Or someone who gives you tickets at the movie theater.

    As for this particular issue. I honestly feel that Perez, and everyone on the left (and I support gay rights!) really just jumped on this when there was NOTHING to jump on. It was NOTHING MORE than a random idiot stating their opinion. The raction from the left is NOT the raction we should be supporting. Go off the handle when you need to, not whenever you can.

    In short, I agree with Daniel.

  • Zar

    Political issues aside, this girl is just dumb. If you want to get anywhere in the beauty pageant world, DON’T PISS OFF THE GAYS.

  • Tom

    This whole “tolerance” thing started up… oh, less than a year ago. The thing is, in the last couple years we gay people have been making serious headway in getting the rest of the population to understand how intolerant the radical right wing really is. We have particularly had success with calling a spade a spade… and in this case, calling right wing nutjobs “intolerant” and “bigoted”. Sometime last year, they figured this out, and realized the words were sticking. Pretty much overnight, all the major right wing nutjob organizations started saying that gay people are “intolerant”… of their intolerance, I suppose. It was pretty clear from the fact that they all started using the same word at the same time that they’d made a group decision to try to fight us in this manner.

    The fact that Miss California has started using this insane choice of wording seems to indicate that either she’s been taking in a lot of batshit crazy right wing anti gay propaganda and the wording has sunk in to the point that she has started parroting it back, or she’s being coached by right wingers on how to fit in as part of their propaganda. Or both, I suppose.

    I don’t really care; she’s just another crazy bigot, from my perspective… I’m interested only in as much as that I can observe everyone else’s reactions to her.

    Oh, and will someone PLEASE feed that woman a large steak and a couple loaves of bread? She looks a bit emaciated to me.

  • Richard Wade

    Beauty pageants are basically porn that doesn’t quite get you off, pretending to be something noble or important. The whole idea of asking these women questions about social issues is ridiculous, a transparent attempt to deny they’re up there to show T and A. They’re not up on the stage because they are deeply thoughtful and well informed. On a rare occasion one might actually be deeply thoughtful and well informed, but that’s entirely irrelevant. Why in the world should anybody give a rat’s ass about her opinion on anything? Yes, no, for, against, so the heck what?

    The pageant is silly. The questioning of the contestants is sillier. The answer is even sillier. The outrage over her answer is even sillier. The backlash defending her from the outrage is even sillier. The eye candy media fixation on her “controversy” is even SILLIER. The discussing of all this by people like me on blogs is even SILLIER. How SILLY can this get?

    Can S I L L I N E S S approach infinity?

  • MikeTheInfidel

    “There’s obviously something going on in his heart.”

    Yes. You told him his lifestyle is unnatural and inhuman. That’s what’s going on, you self-centered fool.

  • Jamie

    “Stand up for Jesus – No questions asked.” Sums it all up for me really… :-p

  • Hey do not compromise your beliefs for anything. Including facts and knowledge. Poor delusional beauty. lol

  • She’s just perfect for the RRRW. Beautiful and not that bright. All she needs to do is look pretty and parrot the anti-gay twaddle. Their only problem is she doesn’t even do that well enough yet, though with a little more coaching she’ll probably improve.

    Of course if somebody were to get her alone on microphone/camera–without her coaches and scripts–she could really damage her budding career as the Anti-gay Superstar. Wouldn’t that be a pity? 😉

  • Infinite Monkey

    You know, first of all, I think the question is irrelevant to be asked at a beauty pagent. Ask some question that we’ve been pondering for years, or something. If this was a political debate, sure, that’s fine. I don’t care what her views are, and I don’t think she should have gotten docked for them. Also, this isn’t news. I don’t care what you think. If I cared, I’d ask you. Now, if you will, please, go barf up that peanut you had for breakfast so you can stay thin.

  • Kate

    Anyone who uses the term “opposite marriage” loses my respect.

  • Raze

    The funny thing is that my gaydar is going crazy with that guy on her right.

  • Reginald Selkirk

    Move over, Joe the Plumber.

    I was going to please man, or please God.” Right, that’s why she parades her surgically enhanced body in a bikini – it’s to please God. God is a dirty old man.

  • I don’t like the fact that she is ‘famous’ now. Hopefully its only five minutes.

  • Polly

    Beauty pageants are sort of icky. I mean, it’s OK to have dog shows, but…people shows?
    It doesn’t feel right. I don’t know why any woman would ever lower herself to being judged like a collie.

  • Turrboenvy

    I agree with Daniel, Zar, Richard Wade, and Infinite Monkey. This whole thing is so astoundingly stupid. Pageant questions are supposed to be simple things like “should we hug orphan babies?” Things that have an obvious, universally accepted answer. Even so, she just gave an honest, if extremely poorly phrased answer. She said what our very popular president said before he was elected! Going on the OMNOMNOM talking circuit was the natural next step for her. Also, no one cares.

    Perez Hilton? An opportunist attention whore. He’ll never be back as a judge, that’s for sure.

    Edit: I’m also going to have to remember to refer to pageants as “people shows.” Nice.

  • beijingrrl

    I don’t think she lost because of her opinion. Apparently, she was too stupid to understand that what a pageant looks for is someone who can answer the questions in a vague, poised, tactful way without offending anyone. If she had been a strong supporter of gay marriage, but had responded in such an inane way the result would have been the same. She lost because she can’t speak and mistakenly believed they wanted her opinion. They don’t want anyone’s real opinion. They want someone who knows how to make a statement that sounds palatable to as many people as possible.

  • All things considered, I wouldn’t kick her out of bed for eating crackers.

    But that’s just me being sexist, and a man.

  • Brian

    I agree with beijingrrl. I listened to Perez Hilton’s comments about the incident. He made the valid points that she, as Miss USA, would want to represent the USA, inspire, unite, and not be divisive, and she could easily have expressed a similar opinion in a non-divisive way. Saying, for example, that the issue was up to the people of the various states to decide for themselves. I note that she didn’t really answer the question that was asked; she just said she thinks marriage is for one man and one woman, not whether she thinks other states should follow Vermont’s example.

  • Kat

    This is hilarious. I just read (most of) “The Unlikely Disciple” so Liberty University was (sadly) on my mind. When I heard of this Miss California thing I seriously wondered “What if liberty University invited her to speak”? Would they? I mean are fundamentalists against swim suit competitions? It seems like they should be. Especially Swin suit competitions that somehow involve Donald Trump?

    The thing that annoyed me the most about her response, what not her opinion(however bigoted and sad it may be), but that the way she answered the question implied that laws should be made based upon HER opinion.
    The same thing happened with a debate in my political science class that year. two groups were supposed to argue for or against a constitutional amendment “Defining marriage as between one man and one woman” BASED UPON THE CONSTITUTION, NOT our own opinions. They didn’t get to pick which side they would be arguing, and didn’t find out which side they were debating until the day of. The professor said NUMEROUS times that she would not accept arguments based on religious beliefs or personal opinions.
    And people just could NOT grasp this. Seriously we had people saying because “the bible says…”. And even on the “against” side no one seemed to be able to give an argument based on the constitution, instead they told sad stories about couples who had been together for years and were denied health care or access to children, or visitation in the hospital.
    The professor said she was only looking for ONE answer from each group (answers) which she had given us in class numerous times the week before) and No one could think to bring up the fact that the Defense of Marriage Act is unconstitutional due to the full faith and credit clause (I forget what the “right” answer was for the “pro” side, something about all of the states having the same definition of “marriage” to avoid conflict, but I forget exactly which amendment that was supposed to related to).

    Why is it that so many people here “Same sex marriage” and can’t help but scream, “BIBLE!” and think that’s a good argument against it?
    And why is it that so many people think that the country should be run based upon their religious teachings?
    An opinion and/ or religious belief does not = a good answer if the question asked was in regards to the United States Constitution.

  • AnonyMouse

    Well, she certainly pleases God. In fact, I think he’d like to see her in the back room…

    Okay, I’m done with the bad jokes.

  • Escualidus Arrechus

    As much as I think she’s an ignorant dolt, I can’t quite work up enough indignation, as anyone who pisses off Perez Hilton can’t be all evil.

  • infideljoe

    She has the right to her opinion, even if we don’t agree with it. I think Perez was way out of line to call her a bitch. She’s milking this publicity for all it’s worth.

    Man, she’s smokin hot, shame she a ditz.

  • Indigo

    People keep saying she’s an idiot, but I don’t know – this whole thing has certainly managed to keep her in the spotlight much longer even than if she’d actually won the pageant. (Definitely longer than she deserves.)

  • Unwatchable garbage…persecution my behind.

  • anonymouse

    I didn’t know Jesus was into beauty pageants and being an asshole.
    Love thy neighbor and all that.

  • But it IS all about tolerance. It is about making the reality-based community tolerate Christian bigotry and hatred.

  • TheSlat

    Any other atheists in foxholes out there notice that on her shirt is a marine corporal rank with a Jesus instead of crossed rifles? I tried a quick google search but found nothing. maybe slight pareidolia, but that shape is pretty unique, it even has the curved bottom. This is a whole other subject but one that bothers me as the religious right is always trying to claim the military as theirs. anyone know more about this shirt? I tried googling “stand for christ” but got the expected barrage of crap and nothing useful.

  • Maria

    You are correct about the shirt. http://www.enlistedclothing.com – For the hip soldiers of Christ.

  • TheSlat

    I think I just gagged a little..
    Thanks, I’m saving a few of those in my “crazy people” pictures.

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