This Is What An Atheist Looks Like: Part 6 April 29, 2009

This Is What An Atheist Looks Like: Part 6

Flickr user jaynedemarco is back with more of her nifty artwork. The theme is: “This is what an atheist looks like.”

Previous editions can be found here, here, here, here, and here.

Among the new additions:

Eddie Izzard (there’s a less manly version, too):


Ani Difranco:


Pat Tillman:


You can see the entire collection here.

(via Jayne DeMarco)

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  • Mathew Wilder

    Yay for Eddie Izzard being on our team. The theists can keep Ani for all I care. 😉

  • Aj

    Yay for the alternative Eddie Izzard. I generally don’t like celebrity worship but it is nifty artwork.

  • Troll

    Not to be a troll, but this has been dragged on way too long, IMAO.

  • AxeGrrl

    Great to see Ani immortalized 🙂 she’s just crackling with intelligence…..a great representative for any ’cause’ to have 🙂

  • mikespeir

    I wonder if people are being labeled as atheists when they wouldn’t call themselves atheists. Are we just trying to create a bandwagon effect?

  • FresnoMikey

    Why did it take this long to find out that Tillman was an atheist. Guess conventional media would not touch it or I just do not read everything!

  • I see a sponge and some towels. Does that mean the artist paints in the bathroom?

    If so, I should paint there too. The art is just marvelous.

  • Joel

    Pat Tillman!? Are you serious? This guy is the freaking poster boy for hawkish sports broadcasters who can’t talk about sports without inserting references to god, country, and all of that crap into their commentary. This makes my black atheist heart all warm and fuzzy inside. *Cue evil laugher*

  • BathTub

    That doesn’t really look like Izzard at all, The other one however is a very good likeness.

  • Desert Son

    My only complaint about the Pat Tillman one:


    Requiescat in pace or Rest In Peace.

    I know it’s meant as an honorific to an individual, as well as that individual’s actions, convictions, and experience. But it also strikes me as a sentiment that presumes some sort of continuing, extant consciousness, as though Pat Tillman could somehow appreciate a wish that Pat Tillman rest in peace.

    That’s why I prefer In memoriam.

    I’m not saying this to denigrate Tillman. I don’t know much about him, other than he left pro football to join the military and was killed by friendly fire in an incident that was mishandled by military press. Just not an artistic choice I would have made to celebrate an atheist.

    No kings,


  • For a year or two I thought there was 2 Comedians named Eddie Izzard….

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