Oh… So That’s How You Do It April 27, 2009

Oh… So That’s How You Do It

Jesusophile tells men how to have sex, the Christian way.

Step one: Find a woman.

Step two: Get married.

Step three: Say, “Woman, I’d like to have sex with you now.”

It goes on from there. (I didn’t know you had to sound like Cartman in order to get it on…)

He also has advice for women. The advice includes: not having a career and not being too picky.

Oh. And God hates condoms. They confuse God, whose plan was to make a baby.

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  • I knew there was something I was missing…

  • Derek

    I could only make it half way. Please be a Poe!

  • Steve

    That is a girl making the video, right?

  • llewelly

    Oh. And God hates condoms because they confuse God, whose plan was to make a baby.

    I guess he never figured out how to put them on.

  • blackskeptic

    marrying the woman = buying the woman. “maybe it’ll hurt the first time, but don’t worry it’ll be okay.”

    there is no way that this is not a parody.

  • Sean

    Jesusophile is a troll, don’t worry.

  • this is a joke right? can this guy possibly be for real?????

  • cicely

    “What are you waiting for?”

    Not you, dude. Not you.

  • I checked this youtube account. It’s satire 😉

  • I love how he’s covered up the “glory hole” in his subsequent videos.

    I’m thinking parody…

  • Bryan

    Wow… No words can describe the stupid, or the intense burning sensation it brings to my brain.

  • this has got to be the funniest thing i’ve seen all day! and it’s been a good day for funny things too

  • Worst erotica ever. That dude will never have a career in smut books.


  • postsimian

    Please be a poe!

  • Steve

    As to the market and apple analogy.. I’ve been to many markets where they give out samples. I want a sample first before I purchase anything new.

  • Mary

    Satire or not, I can not get more than a minute or two into his videos before I start banging my head against my monitor and screaming “Make it stop, please make it stop”!

  • matthias

    I vote parody. And I vote GREAT parody

  • Marissa

    Apparently god is a gas station attendant for sperm-refill. Who knew?

  • Doreen

    It’s satire.

    For a moment, though, I’m was definitely thinking “wow, its a shame that this guy actually thinks like this, cause… I’d do him.”

    It’s not the most intelligent satire, but the handsome face makes up for it.

  • Ramon Caballero

    I admit I fell, I hated that guy…If this is really parody like Edward Current’s, then I will subscribe 🙂

  • Todd

    Man, some of you are a really gullible.

  • Wouldn’t it be funny if the historic Jesus (if there was one) was just joking around like this guy and some people at the time took him seriously and started this crazy death cult?

  • For everyone wondering, yes, he is a parody.

  • donant

    what if you buy the apple and get it home and find out its rotten?

  • Amanda

    Well. I mean. Er, I mean. You’re a man of the world, aren’t you… I mean, er, you’ve er… you’ve *been there,* haven’t you… I mean you’ve *been around*… eh?

    Well I mean like you’ve er… you’ve *done it*… I mean like, you know… you’ve… er… you’ve *slept*… with a lady.

    What’s it like?

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