Florida’s Jesus License Plates April 27, 2009

Florida’s Jesus License Plates

This isn’t even subtle:

Religious License Plate

This image was snuck through the Florida Senate:

Religious specialty plates offered by Sen. Ronda Storms, R-Valrico, and Sen. Gary Siplin, D-Orlando, made it onto a bill Friday even though many members had not seen images of those plates and none was produced for the debate.

Siplin didn’t mince words when asked what his “Trinity” plate looks like, saying, “It has a picture of my Lord and savior Jesus Christ.” It, along with a “Preserving the Past” plate offered by Siplin, would benefit the Toomey Foundation for the Natural Sciences.

Storms’ “I Believe” plate would benefit Faith in Teaching, an Orlando company that funds faith-based programs at schools. Its design features a cross over a stained-glass window.

(So the image you see above was a Democrat’s idea? Ugh. I suppose it’s a Florida thing…)

The article benefits two groups, according to the article. The first is Faith in Teaching — their website is down, but the cache is up.

The other is the Toomey Foundation for the Natural Sciences — they have Bible verses on the home page.

How do either uphold a separation of church and state? I don’t know.

At least the Florida House rejected those plate ideas.

This is just setting bad precedent. No one is forced to buy these plates, but what’s the line between accepting a plate and rejecting it? What is there was a demand for Mohammad license plates? FSM plates? “I Hate Florida” plates?

If everyone gets to choose, that’s just going to lead to more problems.

(via Pharyngula)

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  • cassiek

    Here in Indiana we have the odious “In God We Trust” plates that are plastered on the back of half the cars I see. When I renewed my plates last year, the woman behind the counter was shocked that I did not want the god plates. I think she was looking for horns and pitchfork when I walked out with my secular plates.

    I hope that this situation is not repeated in Florida. A group did sue here in Indiana to have the tax-exempt status of these plates removed, and they lost.

  • «bønez_brigade»

    Zombie Jesus looks a bit cyanotic.

    [he looks normal, IOW]

  • Helfrick

    Wow, Jesus was ripped. Must be his aversion to figs that kept him in such good shape.

  • Ha! I’d love to get one with the letters “MCA” to the right of the pic of Jesus.

  • Abner Cadaver II

    How long before someone gets one saying “BRB LOL”?

  • Helfrick

    “Ha! I’d love to get one with the letters “MCA” to the right of the pic of Jesus.”
    LOL! THE MCA will be my next license plate if this is approved.

  • I want a FSM plate! (No I do not live in FL)

  • It’s fitting that they have the son-god superimposed on the sun-god.

    Is Florida coming out with “God hates Fags” license plates too? Or does the state legislature like to pick and choose which Christian interpretations to display?

  • I also didn’t realize that Jesus was balding. Tough luck for a 33 year-old.

  • Richard Wade

    I wonder what would happen if the Florida Senate was inundated with petitions for Mohammad plates, Krishna plates, Ganesha plates, Buddha plates, Rastafarian plates, Shango plates, Ha’iaka plates, Ashonnutli plates, Guan-yu plates, Voodoo plates, Flying Spagetti Monster plates, Darwin plates, Dawkins plates, Mehta plates, Pharyngula plates, Sasquatch plates, UFO plates, Elvis plates, Lindsay Lohan plates…………………

  • Luther Weeks

    How about
    MYT H01
    SAT AN
    666 666

    I’m sure others can do better

  • SarahH

    Here in Indiana we have the odious “In God We Trust” plates that are plastered on the back of half the cars I see.

    I drove through Indiana recently and was overwhelmed by how ubiquitous they were. How long have they been available? It seems like a crazy-large percentage of the cars have them.

  • Helfrick

    H8T FIG

  • Indigo

    Jesus looks rather like Dr. Manhattan.

  • «bønez_brigade»

    Luther Weeks & Helfrick get the winz:


    H8T FIG

  • dvsrat

    GR8 LAY
    and of course the old classic…

  • Steve

    Perhaps they should change it from ‘SAMPLE’ to ‘SIMPLE’

  • zoo

    So the image you see above was a Democrat’s idea? Ugh. I suppose it’s a Florida thing…

    Nah, it’s a Gary Siplin thing. It may be informative to note he’s not just a democrat, but a black central Floridian. ‘Round here they do tend to be Christians (of various stripes) as well as democrats. I can’t say I know a whole lot about him, but with what I do know I would say this is as much about earning points with his constituents as anything. I’m just glad his district is way far away from mine.

    And Wikipedia notes that he’s Baptist.

  • Gabriel


  • DeafAtheist


    They should have added his whole arms and hands and had the hands positioned over the holes where you screw the plate in place on your vehicle.

  • Red

    I need help. My husband just went to renew our personalized tags. (Star Trek related). So my husband goes to the tag office and is told that what he has will be a temporary tag until the new ones arrive. My husband then asked why we would be receiving new tags.

    He was told that the new Florida tags were going to have on the bottom, “In God We Trust”. Everyone had to have them on the new tags. When my husband told me this I was fuming. We both are agnostic/atheist and do not want that on our tags. The lady said that we had to and it was not an option.

    My husband goes on to tell me that if we want change that we should contact our Congressman. I just got off the phone with my girlfriend and she says to get in touch with thee ACLU, who would love to sink their teeth into this little debate.

    Part 2 coming soon.

  • Red

    How can our govenrment tell us we have to advertise that when I do not beleive in God. And don’t even get me started on the separation of church and state.

    I could call my congress man, but I think I will be better off with thee ACLU. If “Anyone” has any suggestions, please drop me a line. I do not want to let this sit by and go untouched.

    I can be reached at danette_jalil[@] yahoo.com

  • A friend of JESUS

    If you, people do not believe in God the creator of the universe , why is it a problem that a figure of his son Jesus is on a license plate in Florida that most of you don’t even live. why should you care about the creator God if He does not exist?

  • «bønez_brigade»

    @A friend of JESUS,
    It’s because of a little thing called “church-state separation”.
    BTW, you’ll notice that most of us think the depiction of Jesus that was chosen (blue/zombie-like/hung/etc) is worthy of lots o’ lulz.

  • Polly

    @A friend of JESUS,

    Then I suppose you wouldn’t mind a Hindu god on the plates. In fact there are 1,000s to choose from. The state could make it a series, releasing a different Hindu god plate every year!

    Maybe a Native American religious symbol or icon, too. Or a Crescent moon C* for all our Muslim friends.

    The list is endless.

    Or, we can just have states spend money on license plates instead of promoting various religions using our tax dollars.

  • christi

    SERIOULSY….When did license plates become substitutes for bumper stickers? Put whatever goddamn religious advertisement you want on your car. You can purchase a lovely jesus fish from a christian charity of your choice and I can purchase a FSM sticker from my local pastafarian organization and those organizations can benefit financially from our desire to display our faith on our vehicles.

    But keep the government out of it already. They can’t possibly design a plate for every friggin belief system out there so can we just keep the plates secular already? Besides, more money would go to your fav charity if the gov’t wasn’t the middle-man taking 50% off the top.


    Or you could list some of the more obscene bible verses like:

    LUK 1426
    JON 1225
    2SM 126

    and my favorite…borrowed from the College Humor website:

    A55 RGY

  • Jose

    ONCE AGAIN Florida shows what a devisive state it is, The politician who suggested this should be voted out.

    As Relegious radicals come in Rep and Dem VOTE him out.

    I hope the ACLU sues unless a plate is issued in EVERY relegion including non recognized individual relegions.

    There is truly no need for a “let me wear relegion on my sleeve state license plate”.

    VOTE OUT THE guy who came up with this . Think he is a Dem in Orlando .

  • Jose

    Jeff Says:

    April 27th, 2009 at 1:21 pm
    It’s fitting that they have the son-god superimposed on the sun-god.

    Is Florida coming out with “God hates Fags” license plates too? Or does the state legislature like to pick and choose which Christian interpretations to display?
    lol funny as its fitting plate for Florida. Keep in mind the wacko who came up with this plate is a Dem.

    Dem or Rep vote out EVERY relegious extremist .

  • TamBam

    The State seems to be endorsing religion i.e. Christianity in allowing clearly religious symbol to be displayed on license plates. An observer could reasonably conclude that the government favors Christianity. Although drivers are given the option not to have that image on their license plates, they are not give the option to have a religious symbol other than that of Jesus. Perhaps if other religious symbols were available, it would not appear that the State was favoring one religion over another. Moreover, since the funds go to faith based programs in schools is further troubling, since religion is being furthered with the aid of the government. There is nothing secular about the symbol or its purpose. Seems to me that a court would strike down this practice, unless it is secularized. Does someone with a Jesus license plate get favorable treatment as well?

  • adam


  • Joseph G.

    If the license plates come with “In God we Trust” on the bottom, my suggestion is to take them off your car, saw off or paint over the offending parts, and put them back on.

    Simple yet effective way to make a statement.

  • supa

    This is a big issue if ONLY Jesus is allowed on the License Plate. If they want to allow religious plates, its all fair as long as Satan plate is not deemed “too offensive”. If it is possible to have Yosemite plates and Skiing plates then it should be tolerable to have religious plates. Attempt to keep Christians from having a religious plate is not the way to Religious tolerance as long as similar attempts by Muslims and Satan worshipers does not meet resistance.

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