This Is What An Atheist Looks Like: Part 5 April 26, 2009

This Is What An Atheist Looks Like: Part 5

One perk of being an atheist blogger: People draw you:


I’m *so* framing that.

Flickr user jaynedemarco created it and was nice enough to send me the print 🙂

You can check out the rest of her atheist images here!

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  • Tracy

    That is awesome artwork. You look incredible Hemant!

  • Wonderful!

  • Congrats on being as famous as the list of other atheists that have been drawn. You should frame it…definitely.

  • SarahH

    That’s awesome! You’re in pretty famous company 🙂

  • DeafAtheist

    That’s cool. I agree on the framing. If one of those was made of me I’d definitely frame it.

  • Gabriel

    Very nice, I also finally noticed that I have the exact same set of shelves in my bathroom.

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