Mimes for Jesus April 26, 2009

Mimes for Jesus

You know what you don’t see nearly enough of these days?

Mimes for Jesus:

Wait. It gets better. Check out the flash intro to their website.

Laugh if you want. Given the choice between those guys and a street preacher, I’m going with the mimes.

By the way, if you want to book them for your next party, they cost $3,000-$6,000 + three airline tickets + three hotel rooms + food expenses.

(Thanks to Ray for the link!)

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  • DeafAtheist

    Three airline tickets and hotel rooms? There’s only 2 of them. Perhaps their ego is large enough to require it’s own seat and room?

  • Dave

    Is anybody else weirded out by two black guys painted white with the name K&K?

  • DeafAtheist

    Checked out the link and I guess their road manager gets the other airline ticket and hotel room. But K & K have large enough egos that they require their rooms to be 2 bedroom suites.

    I have to admit this is a fitting way to evangelize… God is imaginary and mimes are experts at making people imagine imaginary things.

  • There is not enough brain bleach for that….

  • Epistaxis

    They’re not really miming, just dancing around in motions that are vaguely related to the song. I was hoping for a mime crucifixion, to be honest.

  • That was unsettling; please hand me the Maalox.

  • elf_man

    Their robes are kinda cool.
    Okay, I just like skirts. muahahaha

  • In some evangelical churches, when people skip the mime makeup, that sort of thing is called interpretive dance.

    It’s pretty funny that their site is designed by “Next Level Technologies.” I thought flash intros went out of fashion 8-10 years ago.

  • It gets better – they have a scrolling marquee. Someone tell me I’m hallucinating.

  • James H

    For mimes, they sure have a loud Web site.

  • SUNDAY, SUNDAY…SUNDAY!!! Anyone wanna go watch monster truck racing?

  • P

    So, wait, Jesus never spoke, even though they acted so confidently towards the end that they wouldn’t leave until he DID speak. I was kind of waiting for a third to come out and be God or something.
    Just goes to show, God only exists in the imaginations and comforting fantasies of men.
    And seriously, this was just a music video. Real Mimes® don’t use any sound 😉

  • Arlo

    What disturbs me the most is how many fawning comments this video has on youtube.

  • Snuggly Buffalo

    I watched the whole video waiting for them to get trapped in an invisible box. But then I realized that both the mimes and the audience have been trapped in an invisible box of religion the whole time.

  • Richard Wade

    Dammit, Suggly Buffalo beat me to it. Yeah, the invisible box.

    I think this is definitely the wave of the future for evangelizing, but they should turn off the music and do pure Christian mime.

    I could listen to mimes all day long.

  • Richard Wade

    Hmmm. You know, with scull caps and different makeup, these guys would look a lot like 2/3 of the Blue Man Group. I wonder… Maybe that’s who needs the third hotel room.

  • Bwahahahahaha!!! Oh, wait. They’re serious?

  • James H

    I’ve always thought mimes and the IRS are good arguments for the existence of the devil …

  • Ok, if its accompanied singing whats the point of miming? Doesnt that just make the backup dancers?

    And seriously, how… obnoxiously predictable their movements..

    Lady sings “open your arms” they open there arms.

    “we want to hear your voice jesus” they cup their ears toward the sky

    “someone is praying for you” they point the sky, press their hands infront of them like in prayer, then point to the crowd.

    Did a 10yr old come up with this idea or something? Its like what kids do when the dance to pop music…

  • A quick google to find a shorter video shows me there are many, many Gospel Mimes out there. Although none as Vegas as the twins. Creepy stuff.

  • Vicky

    Well, the mime was pretty silly–and as unTheist pointed out, not very creative–but I’ve always enjoyed sacred music. Probably a holdover from my choir-girl days (thanks, Catholics, for all the Latin!). It explains why I like Ray Charles, too: all of the gospel music sound without any of that pesky Gospel.

    The weird part of the song for me, though, was all the “Speak, Lord!” stuff. When I was making the same request at 8 years old and got no response, I decided it was because the only person I was talking to was myself. What did the writers and singers of the song think, when they practically begged to hear the Voice of God and nothing happened?

  • dvsrat

    These guys are not mimes. The purpose of mime is to create an illusion of invisible objects, situations, or events. The choreography shoddy. They are not synchronized with each other. The gestures are trite and the interpretation of the lyrics of the song are shallow. The song is too long and it has a rambling feel to it. These guys are not talented or interesting enough to be worth 3-6K a show + expenses. This is what I would expect to see getting honorable mention at a high school talent show. I am not writing this just because I don’t share the belief in the religious message. I would say the same if it were a secular song and dance routine.

    I do believe in giving credit where it is due. Those robes are great. The real talent here is the individual who designed those costumes.

  • Mathew

    Mime and christ… Shoot me in the head… let me meet my state of non existance than sit through a whole show of this dreck….

  • Mathew

    Also if you want some quality mime check out Bill thre mime on youtube doing “JFK Jr We hardley knew ye”… Now THAT is quality mime- not this interprivitve dance these lite brothers are carring on with.

  • RandomFreethinker

    Silly Atheists. The third room is for Jesus. Aren’t you listening. God is here.

  • mmoody

    What I loved about this link was the availability of it on an atheist site.

    How is the “voice” of God heard in places where He is disdained, unwelcomed and mocked?

    It is brought in freely by those that mock Him to be put on public display. Nothing new for God. Excellent PR though. It allows everyone who sees this site to affirm, challenge, or change their beliefs. This is awesome. Thank you.

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