How Did You Hear About This Blog? April 25, 2009

How Did You Hear About This Blog?

Simple question:

How did you hear about this website?

From me personally? Via a link from another site? Something else entirely?

It’s always helpful to know 🙂

(via Cynical-C Blog)

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  • Duke York

    If I remember right, I heard about you on one of the atheist podcasts, and googled your blog.

  • I really don’t remember but if I had to guess I would say through Pharyngula or Stumble.

  • bsander

    Via PZ I guess.. It’s been a while 🙂

  • llewelly

    I prayed:

    If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him.

    (James 1:5)

  • Found ya through the atheism RSS subscription pack on google reader. 🙂

  • Honestly can’t remember. Sorry.

  • fil

    via a link from atheistblogger dot com

  • The Friendly Atheist was a top recommendation in my Google Reader.

  • Leanstrum

    Via Landover Baptist Church (lol), via Pharyngula.

    It was the article on LBC about “Bo’s Law”, where it describes you as “a smug looking brown-skinned fellow, who looks like he was photo shopped.” I knew I had to check it out 😀

  • Chris

    StumbleUpon. I had the “Atheism/Agnostic” box ckecked under my interests list.

  • Claudia

    I can’t quite remember, but I probably heard about it on some atheist video on YouTube, since I was hanging around that community a lot before I got here.

  • Coulla

    I think you got linked by Fred Clark of Slacktivist a couple of months ago. You’d both been placed on a ‘top thirty atheist/agnostic/skeptic blogs’ list and he felt embarressed (in a good, flattered way) to be up there with you.

  • Sam

    I found it on google.

  • Tom

    On the (NAFA) North Alabama Freethought Association’s web site.

  • Kevin Charleston

    Planet Atheism (

  • Your blog was part of the athiest package when I was scouting in Google Reader for blogs to follow.

  • U747

    Through Pharyngula. Although, I don’t remember when now.

    I read you primarily on Google Reader… I wonder if that’s where I found you?

  • Calla

    Hmm… probably came here via Pharyngula. That was over a year ago though, around the time that brilliant movie Expelled came out, so I’m not completely sure 🙂

  • It was after AAI 2007, after meeting you outside the lobby with Reed, he told me who you were so when we got back home I looked up the site, because I was already familiar with your book.

  • Lauren D

    I typed in “atheist blog” on Google one day, and you were about the 5th one down. And the very first post I read was a baby in a candy costume. X) I knew it was an epic win.

  • cassiek

    I found you the same way Natalie did, through Google. I was looking for features to add to my iGoogle page. I had read your book (and bought another copy to give my son)and decided your blog was something I would enjoy. I was right! 🙂

  • atomjack

    I found you through the newsfeed at Atheist Island.

  • Not completely sure, but probably via Atheist Revolution.

  • weaves

    dunno, i didn’t google you/the subject or anything. so someone/some place must have linked you.

  • Mary

    I subscribed to your blog through Google Reader – you were listed in the recommendations for atheist websites.

  • Chad

    Went to your talk at the University of Toronto, when you were promoting “I Sold My Soul on eBay”. (I was the “Give me five dollars” guy, if you remember.)

  • MV

    Your blog was part of the Atheist package in Google Reader.

  • A friend shared one of your articles in Google Reader. I liked it and added your feed.

  • +1: Athiest bundle in feeds recommended in Google Reader.

  • Priscilla a.k.a. Kate’s mom

    I discovered the site after reading your book which I then passed onto to Kate (of Kate and Erik fame).

  • I don’t remember exact how now, but I know it was other bloggers.

  • Cindy

    I’m pretty sure it was a suggested feed on google feed reader for me too.

    I have always been an atheist, but got into the atheist movement because I listened every day to a news podcast called “the daily breakfast” done by a Catholic priest. One day he lamented that there was a (gasp) atheist podcast above his in the religious podcast ratings on iTunes and his listeners needed to go remedy that. That podcast was the Atheist Experience by the Atheist Community of Austin which got me into counter apologetics and the atheist movement. Good job priesty guy!

  • John

    I searched “Atheist” on Google Reader for RSS feeds.

  • I can’t remember, but I would bet it was a link from another atheist blog.

  • I’m pretty sure it was when I was getting more into atheism and blogs at the same time. I think I just googled atheist blog (or some variation of that) and liked the title of yours.

  • Jodie

    About two or three years ago, before I moved to Chicago, I was on the Reader’s website quite a bit looking for apartments. They reviewed your book and included info on the website.

  • Franci

    Google Reader, Atheism bundle.

  • I found you through an interview Jim Henderson did with you that was on YouTube.

  • I think it was a Skepchick Quickie…

  • elianara

    I honestly can’t remember, but I think it was through a link at God is for suckers. The odds are high it was there, and not some other site.

  • I don’t remember. Maybe it was through the Richard Dawkins social site.

  • SarahH

    I think it was through your post about the bad/unconvincing arguments for the existence of God (41? 43?) written by some other guy.

  • Through blogrolls. If I recall, the sequence was Bad Astronomy -> Skeptico -> Daylight Atheism -> Friendly Atheist.

  • RealismFTW

    My wife read your book, and said it was good. I noticed your blog on the back and looked it up.

  • Kiera

    Either through SGU or links from other atheist/scientific blogs. Not sure I remember, sorry!

  • Richard Wade

    Tired of the mayhem on the world’s largest bar room brawl known as the Washington Post’s “On Faith” site, I Googled “atheist,” and Friendly Atheist sure sounded… friendly. I was immediately hooked. That was in November of 2006.

  • Lauren

    I think I heard about you on Google, but I don’t remember exactly.

  • Phranyngula.

  • Kate

    My mom bought your book, then bought me a copy (and one for Erik, too). The link was in the book.

  • Jeremy

    Short story: through either Skepchick or Pharyngula (which I discovered through Skepchick).

    Long story: About a year and a half ago, there was a story on Digg about “the best podcasts”. I subscribed to a lot of them, and read the comments to find more. One of the ones that sounded interesting was The Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe. That podcast sat on my hard drive for about six months, when I started listening to it. I was instantly hooked. I’d had no idea that there was a word for people who thought like me (skeptic). I immediately began listening through the entire show.

    At some point, I finally decided to check out this “Skepchick” website that they kept talking about. Given that the atheist and skeptic worlds are closely intertwined (not all atheists are skeptics, but certainly the vast majority of skeptics are atheist/agnostic), I was also introduced to the world of athiesm. It was another community that I had had no clue that it existed. Somewhere along the line I began reading Pharyngula, and then somewhere a little later down the line, I began reading the Friendly Atheist. I loved your blog so much that I went through the entire backlog of posts.

    I honestly consider finding The Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe to be a major turning point in my life. With a skeptical framework for life, I can feel much more confident in my actions and beliefs. Examining everything is very freeing.

  • andrew


  • Oh boy, that was a while ago. I think it was through Pharyngula.

  • Rachel

    It’s been so long I really can’t remember, but it was almost certainly through a Christian blog or website. Maybe something in the Christianity Today family.

  • Amber

    A friend told me about FR, I believe his Google reader recommended it to him. That friend doesn’t identify as an atheist anymore.. He thinks self-professed atheists are snotty.

    But I love this blog. It’s the reason I’m an open atheist today in North Carolina and not another confused, closeted agnostic.

  • I don’t actually remember now. It had to be either through Pharyngula or you were suggested to me by Google Reader.

  • I found your blog through Greta Christina’s blog (and I found Greta’s blog through Susie Bright’s blog).

  • Dario

    google search for atheist blogs

  • Flea

    Unreasonable Faith

  • incredulous


  • matt

    linked to on all kinds of different atheist blogs

  • I heard about it from the book — “I Sold My Soul on Ebay”

  • David D.G.

    I followed a link from another site, but I cannot remember now which one it was — probably either Greta Christina’s Blog or Skepchick.

    ~David D.G.

  • Sandra

    When I was looking for content for my igoogle home page … I searched “atheist” and there you were. 🙂

  • Brian

    I started with the Google atheist news feed via Yahoo. I noticed several sites referenced frequently, either directly or indirectly, that I liked. This was one of them. I decided to follow the blog directly.

  • Awesomesauce

    Ebonmuse and Greta Christina both had your link on their respective blogs about the same time I discovered I had become an atheist (professed pastafarian shortly before then).

    I quickly latched onto the idea of friendliness, likely due to the quaker-like faith I was leaving. They’re really big on fellowship and the concept just seemed to stick.

    Also, winning a bracelet kept me coming back.

  • «bønez_brigade»

    From the MFA‘s leader [Christ] back in 2007, a few months before we brought you down to speak in the buckle of the Babble Belt.

  • Brian C Posey

    If you click the “add stuff” link on my google homepage and punch “atheism” into the “search for gadgets” search box three items are found. Your blog is one of them.

    I hope this link works:

  • april brooks

    i stumbled across it one day on stumbleupon.

  • Life Without Frank
  • Gordon

    I found you on the list of top 30 atheist blogs linked by pz.

  • Kyle

    I signed up for Google Reader, and downloaded the “atheist” bundle of blog subscriptions. You were in there with Dawkins, pharyngula, and about 4 others. I like the blog.

  • DeafAtheist

    Well some time ago I heard about some dude that placed an ad on eBay to have the winning bidder send him to the church of their choice and remember thinking as an atheist I wish I had come up with the idea myself, not to write a book about it as you did, but just cuz I liked the idea of having theists pay me to go to their churches.

    I don’t remember how I found out about your eBay thing exactly, and I didn’t know you had a blog at the time either. I found your blog later I believe the first time I came across it was thru an “atheist” search on Google, but didn’t become a regular reader until recently. Not that I wasn’t interested in your blog then, but because I just didn’t think about coming back to it.

    When I first found your blog I don’t that I knew right off the bat that you were the eBay atheist. I haven’t actually read your book yet but it’s on my reading list. I’ll probably soon buy my own copy of it. I prefer that to checking books out from the library.

  • Gary

    Stumble Upon, great way to find websites in your interests!

  • Steve

    Through the atheism subscription pack on google reader

  • Can’t remember, but keep it up! Link from ScienceBlogs, possibly?

  • Nick Wallin

    Heard about you from another atheist and decided to check you out 🙂

  • Nancy

    I found you the same way Brian Posey did, through a gadget search on iGoogle.

    I was setting up my page and wanted to find some atheist sites to read and there you were!!!!

  • Tom N

    From the National Atheist website or whatever the most major Atheist website in the US is.

  • Reginald Selkirk

    I was on the road to Damascus, and I was struck by a blinding light, and received word of your blog in a divine revelation.

  • alinvain

    I searched for atheist content for my iGoogle page. I found PZ the same way. I’m glad I did.

  • epicskeptic

    I believe PZ had a link of the most popular atheist websites that you had blogged about and I just saved the top ones to my favorites. I keep coming back because you update consistently.

  • AnonyMouse

    I saw it on Daniel Florien’s list of top atheist blogs and decided to check it out.

  • Sam

    I started using iGoogle, and I added a Religion tab. I looked for atheism widgets and found this blog.

  • stephanie

    Boy, I can’t remember, it’s been a while. I *think* I heard you on NPR promoting your book one day. Unless you never did that in which case that’s how I found another congenial Atheist’s website. ;P

  • xxldave


  • beckster

    linked from Dale McGowan’s parenting beyond belief site

  • I did a Google search for “atheist blog.”

  • you found me! 😉

  • BrianA

    I don’t really remember but I think it was a link from PZ’s Pharyngula web site.

  • Probably Pharyngula or Planet Atheism?

  • Kept getting links from around the atheistic blogosphere – notably Greta Christina – so ended up adding you to my watched list.

  • mike

  • Kristin


  • Nacho

    I use Google Reader as my primary RSS reader. I saw this blog as a recomended feed for me. So I subscribed and have been liking it ever since.

  • Snuggly Buffalo

    Found this blog through

  • Ashleigh

    Through “Google Reader” you are one of seven grouped in the “Atheism” subscription.

  • Jared

    I kept noticing it when I would search for Atheist Examiner. Finally I decided to check this place out.

  • Jake

    I heard of you on:

  • happycynic

    Google 🙂

  • The very funny, informative and girly (except that one dude) Skepchick.

  • Jonathan

    I read a news story about you when you sold your soul. I was curious, so I kept following the story till it led me here.

  • Gabjoh

    The “Atheism” pack on Google Reader. Really useful tool overall.

  • I saw you for the first time at the “out” party in Columbus, Ohio, last August. I visited your blog after the party and was hooked.:D

  • debg

    It was tinyfrog for sure

  • TheSlat

    Through PZ i think.. Though its been a few months. I dont comment much but your posts are always one of the first to be read!

  • Victoria
  • I’ve heard about it from other blogs, but I haven’t visited until I read your book last year.

  • Atheist Revolution

  • Matthew T.

    Why from your book, of course 🙂

  • I sadly cannot remember how I found your blog, Hemant, but I’m glad I did. Usually, this is my bit of sunshine in a world of … sunshine. Dammit. I think I was supposed to make a point, but the point was pointless.

  • Jesse

    A friend.

  • HJ
  • dvsrat

    I arrived here through “Bay of Fundie” an atheist blog that I enjoy and recommend highly.

  • Quester

    The Atheism Central feed over at is where I found you.

  • allen

    This was a recommended blog on Google Reader. I liked what I saw and added a subscription.

  • Nine

    I think I once googled “top atheist blogs” and found you somewhere on a list on some website. It’s been a while though…

  • Mad Top Hatter

    I stumbled upon it and never looked back

  • Possibly a link from the Unreasonable Faith blog.

  • Glen

    On April 26th 2009, I found your site when I searched google for “reject christianity.” One of your posts was the 4th result.

  • Alan

    I work at a small town radio station. On Sundays, we air not one, not two, but THREE church services (Lutheran, Methodist, Baptsist). This is after the two hours of gospel music. Luckily, we run two stations, so I can listen to John Tesh’s show (maybe not the best, but look at the alternative!) The “message” hasn’t resonated with me during my tenure here, and during Easter I felt especially distant from relgion. Seeking like minded people, I googled “athiest blog” and this popped up.

    I’m not sure I’m a full-borne athiest, but this site (and others) has me thinking about things. Maybe I’ll ventue over to the forums, put up my thoughts, and see what you guys think. Thanks for this site, and thanks for bringing this sort of discussion to people.

  • I found it through Digg

  • Hank Bones

    Google reader suggestion, I think.

  • Through Skepchick.

  • I searched for atheist blogs when I first started using Google Reader a few months ago. This one was either one I found on my own or one Reader suggested to me. I eventually whittled down, and this one is the only atheist one for me now. Out of all of them, I enjoy yours the most. Thanks!

  • Not quite sure now, but I think you popped up as a recommandation in google reader.
    I’m very happy you did 😉

  • Completely random Google search about 2 and a half years ago. I was looking for a few new atheist news/philosophy sites after Cardigan stopped updating his site.

  • skinman

    I found a link to this site on Pharyngula.

  • been so long, I’ve forgotten

  • Craig

    From you personally. At the American Atheists convention in Seattle a couple of years ago.

  • I heard about you from a lovely young man, who is now my boyfriend. Our shared atheism (or pastafarianism, really) is what brought us together originally.

  • Greta Christina’s blog. She has a link and mentions you from time to time.

  • Magnifico Giganticus

    I don’t even remotely recall the events around my discovery of your blog here, but if I did it true to form, then it was probably mentioned somewhere and I clicked the link. I believe the kids would say that that is “how I roll.”

  • Magdalena

    A combination of: “I sold my soul on Ebay” and…my daughter goes to UIC

  • You came up in in the “recommended” list in my Google Reader, supposedly based on my personal interests. How Google got the idea I’m an atheist I’m not exactly sure, but I do appreciate your non-combative approach.

  • From a friend on FSTDT. 🙂

  • Peter Millington

    Stumbled upon while looking for atheist sites.

  • Tone C

    either i googled atheism and decided to see how friendly you were, or i found ya via Daylight Atheism…one of the two

  • Christina C

    I used google reader to find some atheist blogs and this is one that I had also heard about previously on some podcasts and websites in passing and as I read it I felt it was interesting so I made sure to subscribe.

  • absent sway

    I think I linked here from the blogroll at Black Sun Journal, which I found a link to at the Agnosticism/Atheism blog at

  • Trakix

    I heard about you from either the Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe podcast or the NESS website.

  • Beelsabub

    I found it in the atheism RSS subscription pack on google reader. Divine providence??

  • AnnaZed

    A recommendation on Google Reader based on other atheist blogs that I read I imagine.

  • Via the Friendly Humanist.

  • Paulmond

    We read your book.

  • I can’t really remember if it was via link from or personal recommendation from my brother. I think it was a combination.

  • Chris

    I found your blog literally the first day that I consciously identified as an atheist. I am pretty sure that it was through my research into atheist symbols.

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