Roy Moore is Running for Governor April 19, 2009

Roy Moore is Running for Governor

Who is Roy Moore?

He’s the former Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court who installed a monument of the Ten Commandments into his courthouse. When he was told to remove it, he refused. He was later removed from office — which was good. You don’t want a man to be in charge of enforcing the law when he doesn’t follow the rules himself.

He’s back and he’s going to run for governor in 2010.

Moore told the Associated Press that he plans to announce his decision June 1. That’s when he could start raising money for the Republican primary in June 2010.

“Right now I’m very inclined to enter. I feel there is a need, and I feel I’m well qualified for the position,” he said.

Moore, 62, garnered just 33 percent of the GOP primary vote when he ran against Gov. Bob Riley in 2006. But Riley can’t run again in 2010.

Surely, he’ll appeal to the Sarah Palin crowd. Political moderates? Not so much. I wonder how many non-Christians he can win over. And whether that will even matter in a place like Alabama where non-Christians aren’t a sizable portion of the voters.

(via Dispatches from the Culture Wars)

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  • christi

    Great. I move to Alabama in July for a year. Really looking forward to the local news and local commercials. Not. Maybe I’ll just get my news and entertainment online next year.

  • He’s baaaaack. Sorry Alabama.

  • Tankred

    I.. Wha… What? We worked damn hard to get this guy out of office down here, then he says he wants to run for governor? I would hate to leave state because this guy gets elected by the Right Wing unthinking majority.

  • Tom

    Tankred, if you’re a sane person, what are you doing living in Alabama?

    I personally hope this guy gets elected; he’ll be a great example to the rest of the nation of why they should fear theocracy.

  • Perhaps Christendom needs an 11th commandment.

    Though shall keep out of politics.

  • gribblethemunchkin

    Question is of course, how many political moderates are left in the Republican party? Everytime i check the GOP IQ drops a few points and they start doing crazier things. Teabagging anyone?

    Roy Moore is a joke. But he is a joke that could win. I sincerely dope that he fails in a suitably grand and public fashion. Corruption or sex scandal or something like that.

  • Skeptimal

    Expect the most hateful and divisive campaign since the Dixiecrats. Moore believes the Bible trumps the constitution when making and enforcing law, and anyone who disagrees hates god and hates America. As we saw last week with the teabaggers, plenty of Americans think just like him.

  • Nancy

    Roy Moore is a national joke and an embarrassment to Alabama…Just the sort to get elected governor here!

    If he runs and wins, I will never tell another soul that I live in Alabama (I don’t tell that many people now!)

  • Perhaps Roy Moore would implement a Kisii-Kenya-like solution to “elder-care” and the various subpopulations deemed out of favor with the Creator. All very Old Testament.

  • I’m so glad I moved away from Montgomery, AL.

    Roy has a decent chance of becoming governor. There are a lot of conservative christians that supported him during his time as judge and will get behind him for a run as governor. I expect he’ll crank up the “fear of terrorists/democrats/obama” to pull in the votes needs.

    There are more non-theists in Alabama than people think. Stereotypes don’t die easy. Then again, we all know that first hand.

  • Camus

    I live in Alabama, and indeed there are a few non-theists (just today I saw a Flying Spaghetti Monster logo on someone’s car) but it’s clear where most people fall on the religious and the political spectrum. Many people tend to agree with Roy Moore, unfortunately.

  • So far I only know of two people running for governor — Moore and Artur Davis, our (black) state representative. Given the innate racism of Alabama and the way people regard Congress, Moore has a chance provided no other real candidate steps forward. I’ve read his autobiography, and he seems to be a real yokel.

  • You’re damn right we moderates don’t like him. I’m really hoping someone sane steps in to run. I guess we’ll just have to see if Davis is any match for the Republican machine of Bama and/or if any other competition will get in his way. I sure hope so. If not, I might just have to move out of this state…

  • Amanda

    ugghh! I wish we could leave Alabama! and Christi – all those political ads are something to look forward too – very comedic. I’ve noticed that they all have to work in some gun reference no matter what office. One of the ads a few years back started off with, “He has two dogs, three guns and two kids…” NOT. EVEN. KIDDING. though I may have the numbers wrong.

  • If you want to learn more about Roy Moore, the Birmingham Examiner did a good article on Moore.

  • Eric

    I wish I lived in Alabama… Roy Moore is someone who will do the right thing, even if it will cost him his job. What a breath of fresh air. What is so wrong with posting a monument that says Thou Shalt Not Murder, and Thou Shalt Not Steal?

  • lynn

    Thanks for the compliment, that most Alabamians are Christians. Thats the best news ever. As for Roy Moore I think he will be fine, perhaps the only non questionable running. Check out their backrounds! Who are you anyway to disparage Alabama. Perhaps you should get your own state of mind straight.

  • Marshall

    This country was founded by people who were willing to stand up to oppresive laws and law makers. Thomas Jefferson wrote in the Declaration of Independence, “Whenever ANY governmnet becomes abusive of these rights, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it.” We need people like Roy Morre…willing to take stand! Somone with true guts! Let the Davis spporters laugh, let the whole world laugh! Roy has my vote!

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