Now I Understand the Pedophile Priests… April 19, 2009

Now I Understand the Pedophile Priests…

Jesusophile explains why priests are pedophiles.

Satan did it.

(I knew it!)

The logic is just flawless.

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  • Arlo

    This has to be some of the most unfunny satire I’ve ever seen.

  • Yeah, I’ve seen a few of this guys videos now, and though I hoped it was unfunny satire (it’s certainly not funny satire), I kind of thought he was serious, and just rather more … unbalanced … than you’re usual run-of-the-mill kook.

    But after this one, I’m pretty confident he’s trying (and failing) to be funny.

  • For the record, I don’t want to rape anyone, god or no god. I’m worried that he seems to think most people do want to.

    (Edit: I’ve thought about it a little and I now think he’s doing a very bad satire. Viva Poe’s law.)

  • polomint38

    Definite Poe.
    Although worryingly believable.

  • This guy is on drugs…

  • I think it’s (bad) satire.

    I notice the Glory Hole behind him is now conspicuously taped over.


  • Tony Boling

    I’m 1:40 in and I declare Poe.

  • Morgan55

    Maybe just my twisted sense of humor, but I laughed my ass off. Poe or not, this shit’s funny!

  • Fizzy

    “Come on honey, let’s rape the kids!”
    Fantastic delivery like that while, as polomint38 put it, being “worryingly believable” makes this a wonderful example of good satire. I don’t understand how anyone can fail to recognize that.

  • Jesusphile is hilarious!

  • anonymouse

    He’s from the Netherlands, I think. He does satire of religious fundamentalists. I PM’d him once and it is satire. His others are funnier, in a “god, some people really believe this” sort of way.

  • Ender

    Yeah, he went a little over the top on this one, but his others are pretty darn funny.

  • Whitleylad

    OMG… This is so sick!

    Worst of all I think he likes young children,(and not in a good way).

    He is excusing this behaviour. “It is Satans fault!” I guess that means when the priest is caught, he can blame Satan, say a few Hail Mary’s and he can carry on, washed of all his sins…Until the next time… Then repeat.

    But we can’t fire him, oh no, because if we fire all the Paedophile priests there would be no one left. And My God what would we do???

    Well how about think for yourselves, do what is right, and not to live in fear of Eternal Damnation, unless you are of course an apostate Paedophile.

    How about the government bring to justice all the Priests who have broken the law, and judge and sentence them under secular law. Especially in the UK where over the past 50 years this has been all too prevalent.

  • So, the preists are not guilty. Moral escape artists.

    “He’s got a good point, with god i get his love, but with him I get to rape boys!! Who wouldn’t want THAT!?”

    lol, nuff said.

  • Holy crap… this is too descriptive.. I have seen this guy made fun of before, but I really cant believe its real. No.. not after the “seeing the pink hole” and all that…

  • Phil Bear

    What’s interesting to me is how well the scene between the priest and the boy has been developed. He talks about smooth round buttocks, and the kid’s anus. I think this dude is working for Satan.
    It’s a new tactic – reverse psychology from Satan. Like Phillip Morris being against smoking.

  • The problem is the length of the video. Shakespeare was right, brevity is the soul of wit (and satire).

  • WTF!
    Is this satire or is this guy maybe a few beads short of a full rosary.

    Either that or he is channeling the Church Lady.

  • Tom N

    I think he’s really funny. But his women/homosexuals-sex video is far better. That one is almost believable.

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