The Atheist’s Guide to Christmas April 17, 2009

The Atheist’s Guide to Christmas

Ariane Sherine, the woman behind the original Atheist Bus Campaign (and my future wife if I get a say in the matter), has signed on to write The Atheist’s Guide to Christmas:

Sherine, a comedy writer and Guardian journalist, gathered 42 prominent atheist writers, scientists and comedians to contribute to the book, including Richard Dawkins, Charlie Brooker, David Baddiel, Ben Goldacre and Jenny Colgan. It will cover topics from an atheist Christmas miracle to the best Christmas pop hits and is described by the publisher as a funny, thoughtful handbook all about enjoying Christmas.

It is slated to be released October 1st.

More importantly, the advance and royalties for the book will all be given to (an unconfirmed) charity.

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  • Erik

    I wonder if this will be released in the US at the same time or if the Oct 1 release date applies only to the UK. Anyone have an idea of how publishing dates usually translate across the pond?

  • So Hemant, how long is your list of all these hot atheist chicks you’re marrying? =P

  • I married my hot atheist chick, so I do hope you find one too, Hemant.

  • EndUnknown

    Im hoping to find mine. sadly, im having trouble finding any atheist women(or atheists in general) where I live(conservative midwest)

  • Evinfuilt

    Hopefully i’m still allowed to go see Transiberian Orchestra. The second half of their Christmas concert has some excellent classic music set to heavy metal.

  • So Hemant, how long is your list of all these hot atheist chicks you’re marrying? =P

    As long as it takes until someone says “yes” 🙂

  • Hemant, you’ll find the right girl soon enough, I’m sure. It’ll just happen out of the blue and you’ll be with your hot atheist chick. Until then keep blogging away! Because when you find the H.A.C., I reckon you’ll be too busy to blog for a while…

  • Aj

    Been watching and listening to David Baddiel for years, most recently on a Horizon show about education. You know what you are? Someone who won’t get that reference.

    I’ve become a very recent fan of Charlie Brooker, I saw him a few times on quiz shows and he seemed intelligent and knowledgable, but his show “Newswipe” won me over a few weeks ago. “Newswipe” is an incredible torrent of sexual innuendo, indignation directed towards the news media, often placing the insanity in a historical context that creates a sense of awe, depression, and cynicism. It’s like The Daily Show played at 100mph, also more British, angry, and cynical.

    Ben Goldacre of course a damn good skeptical writer recently seen on the best podcast on the net “the Skeptics Guide to the Galaxy” and “Newswipe”.

    Is there a list of the 42, and does that number have any significance at all?

  • polomint38

    including Richard Dawkins, Charlie Brooker, David Baddiel, Ben Goldacre and Jenny Colgan

    This list seems not to include Hermant, I should hope he is in the 42 used and is just being modest.

    She should mention Hermant considering that he is her future husband.

  • Phil

    You’re behind me in the queue!


  • steve

    Is David Baddiel a atheist, very surprised.

  • Bob G

    There IS a god…i read it on the internet 😀 lol

  • Atheist chicks rule!

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