A Decline in Passion Plays This Year? April 12, 2009

A Decline in Passion Plays This Year?

Kate wanted to go see a re-enactment of the Crucifixion of Christ the other day (why, Kate, why?) — That shouldn’t have been tough since many churches stage a production of it over the Easter weekend.

She couldn’t find any churches near her putting them on, though:

… [the man outside the church] apologized that there would be no Passion Play this year and even went so far as to call his relative (who is a pastor) to find out if any other churches were putting one on. Nope. I called the local Christian radio station to ask them, but I received no answer. I drove to the Pentecostal church and it was explained to me that they usually have a Passion Play but just ‘ran out of time’ this year. Huh. I drove to the Baptist Church and all the lights were off and there were no cars parked in their lot. I resorted to widening my search and called a friend in hopes he could search the internet and find one that way. There was one listing for the entire state (and what’s amusing about this is that it was being held at a public university), but it was too far away. The nearest listing was in Mobile, Alabama, and I was willing to make the journey but it had an admission fee and tickets were sold out.

Kate has her own theories as to why this may be the case.

Can you think of any other reasons this may be happening?

On a brighter note, maybe this means churches won’t be putting on Hell Houses this Halloween, either.

(I should mention that one church did do a Passion Play — they just did it all over Twitter.)

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  • K

    She going to be hosting a bible study in your living room next? You know, just to take pictures of it, of course.

  • AnonyMouse

    Why wouldn’t she want to see a Passion Play? Even if it is only a recent addition to Easter (historically speaking), the crucifixion of Jesus is an important aspect of the holiday. Its significance is cultural as well as religious.

    Besides, do you have any idea how much fun it is watching devout Christians putting on violent shows? 😉

  • Alexis

    There IS hope for humanity. Hallelujah!

  • (why, Kate, why?)

    As a photographer I wanted to take photos of the more gory aspects of Passion Plays. The last time I stumbled upon one the centurions were literally flogging the Jesus character. I thought it would translate well to film. 🙂

  • Vystrix Nexoth

    If all else fails, there’s always The Passion of the Christ.

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