This Would Be Better Than An Atheist Bus Ad… April 9, 2009

This Would Be Better Than An Atheist Bus Ad…

Indiana atheists are trying to get an atheist bus of their own!

But they’re not going for the bus ads…

Jennifer explains a slight catch in the advertising rules:

The fun part? The cost to get a full bus painted for a year ($1250) is the same as getting a dinky side ad for 8 months. I have no idea why, but wouldn’t it be awesome to have something like this driving around your town?


Yes. Yes it would.

I *so* want to drive that.

If you want to help out, consider donating to the cause.

Anyone else find it ironic that an atheist bus might have a license plate that reads “In God We Trust”?

(via Blag Hag)

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  • Thanks for the plug! Though I would have tried to do a snazzier photoshopping of the bus if I knew people would be sharing this, haha!

  • bill

    dude i would ride that silver loop every day even though i have no use for campus buses anymore besides the one that comes out to my apt. i’ll see what kinda cash i can pull together.

    there will prob be some backlash if we do pull this one off (we are in central indiana), but it’d be fuckin sweet…

  • «bønez_brigade»

    Whole-bus-advertising — definitely the way to go.

  • drew

    Thank God for the silver loop. 😀

  • Around my town? Screw that, I want one in my driveway! All the time! Especially during Friday night bible study across the street…

  • Tarrkid

    Did I tell you about my “In God We Trust” Indiana plate story?

    I was getting my plate, and it didn’t happen to me, but this other guy sitting next to me… The nice elderly woman helping him said…

    “Would you like the regular plate or the In God We Trust plate?”

    The way she emphasized “In God We Trust”, and the expression on her face, made it clear that asking for the regular plate was NOT the correct answer.

  • Amy

    Alabama license plates read “God Bless America” across the bottom. Cover up the “B” with a little white tape and it reads “God less America”


  • Am currently a Hoosier, and it makes me tear-up to see that. 😉 Think I’ll have to shell out a few dollars to make it a reality…

    And, yes, oh the irony! (I so detest that license plate; my kids point it out to me just to bug me.)

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