Gay Marriage: Let’s Thank Fred Phelps? April 8, 2009

Gay Marriage: Let’s Thank Fred Phelps?

Paul Lundgren of Iowa not only wants to thank Fred Phelps for drawing so much attention to why gay people need equal protection and equal rights under the law… he wants to make Phelps an offer! He writes this in an open letter to the anti-gay activist:

I am a business entrepreneur in Ames, Iowa, with a proposition for your congregation. As you may have heard, the State Supreme Court has recently ruled in favor of gay marriage under our current Constitution. Given that your church has gained such a well-deserved reputation throughout the country and, indeed, the world for drawing attention to the cause of gay rights, I thought you might be willing to take the cause to the next level. Namely, I would like to discuss with you the possible purchase of your church building so as to move it to Iowa. I have great hopes that it will serve wonderfully as a wedding chapel catering to the needs of the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and trans-gendered community.

Westboro Weddings… I can see it now.

I wonder what their slogan would be…

(via Cycle Ninja)

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  • Siamang

    I think:

    “Fags Love.”


  • “God Hates Hags” with a picture of Shirley.

  • Westboro Weddings – Making the Rapture a Reality

  • confused…you guys for or against?

  • “God hugs fags”

  • JD

    “pray the gay away…on a fabulous honeymoon to the bahamas!”

  • Reginald Selkirk

    “God ate figs”

  • Hemant, I haven’t actually found the courage to send the letter to Phelps himself. What do you think, folks?

  • Larry Huffman

    Paul…You know…Fred and his whacko group get so much mail just like that…that there is no need to be nervous. I won’t go so far as to say he will not read it or answer it…who knows, he may. Most likely a worker bee will, though. Send it though…and report back if you get a reply.

    I do agree that the Westboro group has most likely hurt their causes far more then helped them. The number of people who will ever be able to be as hateful as they are is few…thankfully. So, even fundies and evangelicals who would agree with an anti-gay stance will find problems with the Phelps and their methods. I have heard numerous people over the years basically say, “I am against gay marriage or homosexuality…but I would never want to hurt people;s feelings by protesting their funerals and holding hateful signs.” And fence sitters…I can see them mobilizing against Westboro.

    When it all boils down…who would you rather live in a community with, a married gay couple or westboro whackos? Of course, I have no problem with homosexual couples or people at all…but even religious people would have to admit that it would be much more pleasant (and fabulous) living next door to married gay men then living next door to hateful people like Westboro members and supporters.

  • Larry Huffman

    Nicole…for or against what?

    I think the people who have responded would have to be counted as FOR gay marriage…AGAINST Fred Phelps. Not meaning to speak for anyone…but this group has shown a support for gay marriage slant for some time. And I think most people here save a few fundy lurkers would be against the Westboro movement.

    If you are wondering at the humor used…well, you see…it should be ok to make light and fun of something, even that you support. Humor is good. Everyone needs to just stop being so damned thinned skinned!

  • bigjohn756

    “…under our current Constitution.”

    Now, that is a frightening statement! Is our constitution not up to date? Perhaps some people have in mind an amendment to restrict individual rights; like the 18th amendment for example, a religiously motivated amendment which, like all religiously based propositions, removes people’s rights so that they must adhere to the behavior dictated by certain people’s interpretation of their holy book. Such ‘commandments’ encourage criminal activity because people react to the stifling of their rights due to artificial “laws’ by seeking what they want and need. If only these dictatorial bigots could curb their hubris, everyone would be better off.

  • 3D

    I am against gay marriage, but not for the reasons these yahoos oppose it. I am against gay marriage because I am against ALL marriage. Marriage itself is a dopey medieval religious concept.

    I do support the rights of gays to marry and shoehorn themselves into a bullshit religious construct, if they really want to for whatever reason — but I think the world would be better off if people just found love wherever they found it and didn’t need to have it sanctioned by a church or the government.

  • @3D:

    If you’re against all marriage, don’t get married. And you seem to be on the right track with that…

    But for those who DO want that sense of security and identity, I say, “Help yourself.” It’s about letting people make choices for themselves, not restricting anyone.

    Oh, and guys, the letter is going out in the mail today. I’ll let you know what happens.

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