Scary Excerpt from Quiverfull: Part 1 April 7, 2009

Scary Excerpt from Quiverfull: Part 1

I’ve been reading Kathryn Joyce‘s Quiverfull and several passages scare the living $#!& out of me.

Like this one, describing a woman who wants to keep knocking out those Christian babies:

Nancy Campbell is far more explicit in speculating about the implications of the natalist theology she teaches.

When godly people stop having children, we are wasting the godly seed. So today, we are facing a very, very serious threat: the threat of Islam. They are outnumbering us seven to one. And there’s eight million Islamics here in America. When you think of Osama Bin Laden, he is one of fifty-three children. He has twenty-seven himself. So between him and his father, they’ve fathered eighty children. What about his fifty-two brothers and sisters? How many have they fathered? Say they’ve only fathered or mothered twenty each — less than him — but in the thousands when you think of their grandchildren, who would now be having children today.

When I talk to parents today and ask how many grandchildren they have, they tell me, “Oh, we have two! Isn’t it wonderful?” “Two?” Is that going to impact the world? Two? When you get someone like, say, Osama Bin Laden, for example, he’s just representative of so many Islamics, well, you see how they’re populating.

Campbell, grandmother to thirty-two and counting, pauses before delivering an unintentional punch line: “I’m not racist by any means.”

(p. 183)

Sleep well!

Another excerpt coming soon.

(My interview with the author is here.)

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  • …Holy crap.

    It’s stuff like this that makes me feel guilty for only wanting one kid, maybe two max. Visions of Idiocracy flash before my eyes…

  • Polly

    Where the heck is she getting her demogrpahic figures from?

    If she’s talking about the US, there’re nowhere near that many “Islamics.” And globally, Xianity is still the #1 cult…thanks only in part to the Catholics.

    CIA Worldfactbook puts the Muslim population in the USA at: 0.6%

    And she is a racist.

  • beckster

    People who find it necessary to point out that they are not racist, usually do not understand what racism is.

  • What Would Professor Pat Pending Do?

    Whenever you hear the term “I’m not racist, but…”, you might as well brace yourself for some Grade A bigotry as the sentence works its way to a close.

  • Raven

    Osama bin Laden isn’t exactly your typical Muslim. He comes from an extremely wealthy and well-connected family, and while he was one of 53 children, his mother was one of his father’s 22 wives. Talk about average birth rates, rather than trying to scare people with numbers from what is probably one of the most gratuitously wealthy families in the world.

  • stephanie

    It’s been my experience that the two most paradoxical statements that can be made are: “I am not a racist…” and “I am not crazy…” By stating either you immediately bring up the probability that you are.
    Quiverfull is a sick and twisted movement in a world with vanishing resources and with so much of the population living in abject poverty. I also find it interesting I have yet to see a minority Quiverfull family.

  • Christians in the United States: 173,402,000
    Muslims in the United States: 1,349,000
    (According to ARIS)

    So, she’s paranoid and racist. Great combination, eh?

  • Jeannette

    Spread xenophobia and bigotry by breeding your very own herd! I can’t wait to get started!

  • godfrey

    The clarion call is out- BREED, YOU HEATHENS! How else are we ever going to outnumber the religilous?!?! Ya can’t edumacate ’em, at least most of the time…

  • Seth Matthew

    I am trying to understand this worldview. It’s beginning to add up: Wouldn’t you rather live in a world where all evil could be quashed by having sex?

    Alas, it is not so.

  • bill

    holy shit i’m behind! i only have 32 kids, and i haven’t even begun to teach them how to destroy islam and spread the word of god!!! quick, i need some fertility drugs and 10 more wives. cross your fingers (err, um, i mean, pray…) for octuplets across the board!

  • Rest

    My sister’s friend, whom she met at a crazy charismatic Christian camp (I know – I used to go there as a youngster), is part of this Quiverfull movement. She’s about 39 years old and just had her twelfth child. I wonder if she believes this stuff about Muslims, too.

    Maybe us atheists/freethinkers need to start our own mass-breeding movement? 😉

  • «bønez_brigade»

    Hmmm, Nancy Campbell must be wearing a +60 Quiver of WBC Zeal.

  • Whenever I go out into public the first thing that always crosses my mind is…we need more people in this world!

  • 4oz of reason

    I just have to say that I doubt Bin Laden’s sisters have fathered anyone.

  • Tim

    If she really wants to keep up with Bin Laden then the “marriage is between 1 man and 1 woman” thing has got to go no way 1 women could have 53 children

  • Ex Partiot

    I can’t say much other than a box of rocks has more brains than these people have

  • anonymouse

    Does anyone know if the book is pro-Quiverfull or not?

  • Ron in Houston

    I’ve often wondered how the all knowing and all seeing Hemant has totally missed the whole fundamentalist mormon mess down in Texas.

    Their 52 year old prophet married a 12 year old. Older guys knock up 14 year old girls. They have children like rabbits while inbreeding so badly that their sect has more cases of fumarase deficiency than the whole rest of the world.

    All in the name of populating their priesthood so that they can become Gods in their afterlife.

    If anyone is interested a reporter at the Salt Lake Tribune has a blog called the Plural Life.

  • Does anyone know if the book is pro-Quiverfull or not?

    It’s more objective rather than taking sides, but it’s pretty clear the author is against this.

  • Jen

    So the solution to Muslims, is polygamy? This is is an interesting and unexepected glimpse into the Christian mindset.

  • Spurs Fan


  • LeoPardus

    Well, i guess that if Nancy is part of the Quiverfull movement, you can’t blame her too much for being stupid.

    And there’s eight million Islamics here in America.

    Eight million Muslims in America?? But of course she wouldn’t know how to do the simple research to verify/falsify that number.

    And her English skills……
    There is eight million? Hmm…

    but in the thousands when you think of their grandchildren, who would now be having children today.

    “now be having children today” Hmmm… do you think Nancy knows the word “redundancy”?

    When you get someone like, say, Osama Bin Laden, for example,

    “say… for example” Hmmm… more from the Department of Redundancy Department.

    Oh well. I’m sure she makes a good slave and in-house whore. … Hey! Why she’s against Islam then? They treat their women like shit too.

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