DNA is Totally Gay April 7, 2009

DNA is Totally Gay

Pope + Science + Africa = Fail.

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  • Jared

    Thank you for making me laugh in the middle of the night. I knew I had a good reason to check if this site had been updated.

  • UNBELIEVABLE!!!! Further proof that lack of education is a direct link to blind bible-thumping “faith”. Lemme guess, he now lives in the bible belt?

  • Jim

    The funniest part of the joke for me was how far off the science is. Ribosomes translate mRNA into proteins, and have no chance of contact with the chromosomes in mammals or other eukaryotes!

  • Hmm, I knew there was a reason I was becoming a geneticists…

    (Though btw, ribosomes never really come close to chromosomes, except maybe while accidentally floating around in bacteria. Not in eukaryotic organisms like us >.>)

  • Larry Huffman

    Ahhhhh…Jennifurret…straight ribosomes do not touch chromosomes. But, as the highly scientific methods of the priesthood, clearly depicted in the above illustration, have discovered…gay DNA behaves differently. Such a difference would, no question, cause DNA to be prohibited in Africa.

    You may be on your way to becoming a geneticist…but you have a long long way to go before you are capable of even matching the logic of the church’s scientists.


  • Haha, I now see the error in my ways ;P

    It also appears I am budding, since I said I was becoming “geneticists“. Whoops.

  • Ryan

    Speaking of gay, I just read that Vermont has legalized Same-sex marriage. Congrats to vermont.

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